Knowledge, Skills and Abilities (KSA)

What is KSA in HRM?

KSA or Knowledge Skills Abilities are the special qualifications and personal attributes one needs for a particular job position. The employers generally look for these unique skills in a candidate, in order to fill a specific job role.  

The principal objective of KSAs in HRM is the measurement of those qualities, which distinguish one candidate from the other. KSAs are also defined as factors that identify the best candidates for the job in a group of people.


List of KSAs

A list of knowledge skills abilities which includes some of the most general mentions is as follows:

Communication skills

Communication skills are the basic of all the skills required in the employment, which includes both verbal and written communication.

Analytical skills

Analytical skills refer to your ability to analyze, interpret and use relevant information to make your day-to-day decisions at workplace.  

Technical skills

Technical skills may be divided into two categories – basic and advanced. Basic technical skills include regular operation of computer, knowledge of common applications, software, etc. Advanced technical skills include job specific skills such as content management, Excel, programming, etc.  

Leadership skills

Leadership skills are the skills an employee possess when managing a team to reach a shared goal. It is one of those many soft skills that employers value.

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Interpersonal skills

Interpersonal skills are those skills that we use in our day-to-day lives to communicate and interact with other people.

Problem-solving ability

Problem-solving is the ability to identify a problem, divide it into controllable parts, and implement strategies to solve an issue.

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Adaptability refers to the ability to quickly learn tasks and adopt certain behaviour in new circumstances.


Employers search for candidates with strong teamwork skills for numerous reasons — these candidates show leadership, cooperation and good communication.

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What are KSAs examples?

KSA #1 Demonstrated ability to organize, coordinate and handle emergency requirements promptly within the scheduling constraints.  

In my current position, I performed the following tasks:  

The lists for supervisors were managed. Transcribed minutes of meetings and the list of action items compiled, dates and action items assigned to the responsible party. The office manager will receive reminders, updating the suspense file and reporting the achievements weekly.

Two annual shareholders' meetings were planned and coordinated for more than 600 stock owners, key management and personnel. The itinerary has been designed, a registration stand is established, morning sessions are arranged, lunch is planned and the shareholders' assembly is held between 2 and 4 pm. The information stand after the meeting was also staffed by shareholders.  

Award: Earned an outstanding service award for the 2020 division meeting, attached copy. Award.

Training: 24-hour preparatory seminar, September 2019 Planning seminar  

40-hour RMC Services Time Management Course, April 2001.

Why is KSA important?

By assigning relative value to every KSA, employers underline the most important aspects of a job. Others will identify specific KSAs as mandatory or desirable. The job candidate usually wants to concentrate the most on reacting to more severe KSAs or obligatory KSAs, but it is important to remember that everybody in the list has to be addressed. One important note is that all KSAs must relate to the specific work. An employer cannot ask for anything in KSA that is not in the job description.

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