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Personnel Records

What are Personnel Records?

Personnel Records will be records relating to workers of an association. These records are collected, real and far-reaching data identified with concern records and confined. All data with impact to HR in the association are maintained in a methodical control. Such records are useful to a director in different choice-making regions.

Personnel records are kept up for defining and evaluating personnel strategies and methods. Complete insights concerning all representatives are kept up in personnel records, for example, name, date of birth, conjugal status, scholastic capabilities, proficient capabilities, past work subtleties, and so on.

They are hence tan­gible proof of the exercises of the organi­sation. Personnel records give informa­tion about the situation of HR in the organi­sation for example – records identifying with preparing, per­formance, non-appearance, wages and compensation, work turnover, efficiency, resolve sur­veys, work fulfillment, standardized savings, em­ployee welfare and so forth. Traditionally records are put away as papers, cards, documents, graphs, blue prints and so on. Be that as it may, in current occasions records are put away in C.Ds, video films, sound tapes and so on.

Personnel Records Policy Example

Sample Policy About Personnel Files

The Company maintains three employee files for each employee.

Personnel Files

A personnel file is maintained for each employee of (Your Company Name). These personnel files contain confidential documents and are managed and maintained by the Human Resources staff.

Access to this file is limited to HR staff and assumes that each employee's manager maintains his or her own file with documents relevant to the employee's work performance.

Typical documents in a personnel file include the employment application, a family emergency contact form, documented disciplinary action history, a resume, employee handbook and at-will employer sign off sheets, current personal information, and written performance evaluations.

Not all personnel files contain the same documents but each personnel file has some documents that are the same.

Payroll Files

Payroll files are also maintained; payroll files contain a history of the employee's jobs, departments, compensation changes, and so on. Access to the payroll file is limited to the appropriate accounting and HR staff.

Employee Medical File

An employee medical file is also maintained. The contents of the medical file are not available to anyone except Human Resources designated staff and the employee whose records are retained in the file. At Your Company Name), medical files receive the highest degree of safe storage and confidentiality.

Viewing Employee Files

An employee may view his or her personnel file by contacting a Human Resources staff person during normal business hours. HR staff will schedule an appointment during which the employee can view the contents of their file. No employee may alter or remove any document from his or her personnel file which must be viewed in the presence of an HR staff person.

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