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Attendance Management Software: The smart way to track employee attendance
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Attendance Management Software: The smart way to track employee attendance

Sharon Monteiro
November 24, 2022

There is a torrent of challenges when it comes to the subject of workplace management. Remarkably, attendance management and tracking employee hours rank high on that wave. You wouldn’t expect it to be such a great challenge, given that all one had to do was simply mark their attendance, move on with their jobs, and be done with the matter. However, the days of punching in cards and signing on registers have gone out of date.

Attendance management softwares have become even more difficult as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic and the growing popularity of remote work. When the pandemic sent the global workforce down this road, businesses needed to find a way to quickly enable employees to manage time and attendance to ensure labour compliance and accurate payroll processing.

Here's what modern attendance management is all about for today's businesses:

  1. A safe and scalable solution that enables employees to manage their time from anywhere, at any time, and on any device.
  2. A solution that can be configured to accommodate the organization's attendance and leave policies, as well as flexible working hours.
  3. And a method for accurately determining the total number of hours worked by remote employees and integrating that data into payroll systems with minimal administrative overhead.

These requirements continue to grow as businesses recover from the pandemic. If you're looking for solutions to get your employee attendance management back on track, you've come to the right place. peopleHum's Attendance Management software is designed to assist businesses in navigating remote work challenges and supporting employees as they return to office spaces.

We'll discuss peopleHum's smart approach to managing and tracking employee attendance in this article.

The best ways to track employee attendance: peopleHum Attendance Management

Attendance management software is the best way to accurately record employee attendance and should be an integral part of your Human Capital Management strategy. With peopleHum’s Attendance Management software, creating organizational attendance facilities and generating reports only requires minimal effort.

1. Easy to use

Apart from making employees’ lives easier by enabling them to check in and out with the click of a button, peopleHum makes it easy for HR and administrators to set up attendance cycles across the organization and keep track of team attendance.

And, for instance, if your business has several locations with distinct methods of tracking attendance, or if you employ contingent workers or interns, HR can use the multiple attendance facility to alternate the way they manage attendance and set it up within minutes.

2. Choose how you track

Customize the way you manage employee attendance by choosing the method of tracking it. Choose between Clock-in/Clock-out and Track Only methods to record attendance. With the Track Only method, you simply have to track the attendance of employees. The clock-in method allows employees to log their shifts, track their work hours and report overtime.

But what if your organization has hour-long lunch breaks and you don’t want that to be considered under “working hours”? Here’s where the multiple clock-in feature comes in. Once enabled, company staff can clock-in and clock-out multiple times during the workday. And when this is done, the intelligent analytics system will sum up all the hours an employee worked for total hours.

3. Works for on-site and remote work

peopleHum’s Attendance Management software is a cloud-based system, which means that it works for all teams – whether in-office or remote. Self-check-ins make attendance management easier without making it a chore. On-site, you can integrate biometric checks and QR code scans into the attendance management system to enable easier attendance tracking. And while working remote, the GPS tracking feature enables the system to record the location of the employee at the moment of clocking-in.

4. Time tracking

HR and administrators can even decide how they track employee attendance and total hours worked with the toggle of a button. You can choose between the first clock-in and clock-out, which includes the entirety of the time employees spend in the office; and every clock-in and clock-out, where only the time spent doing work duties is recorded and time spent elsewhere (eg: lunch breaks) is disregarded.

5. Report generation

peopleHum’s Attendance Management software not only accurately records employees’ hours but also captures data that can be used to process payroll. HR and administrators have access to regular attendance reports, consolidated attendance reports, and location-based reports, and can even create custom reports based on their reporting needs.

6. Attendance regularization

Employees can correct their own attendance using peopleHum's attendance regularisation feature. If an employee makes an error in recording their attendance or wishes to apply for "Work from home," they can use the attendance regularisation option to make their request. When employees submit an application through the employee self-service portal, it is routed to the reporting manager or HR according to the software's hierarchy. Once the regularization request is approved, the attendance will be updated in real-time.

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7. Tracking attendance during time-off

With peopleHum Attendance Management software, employees and other staff members have to ability to mark their working hours when they work during their days off, too.

Do these best ways to track employee attendance sound like something that would suit your organization’s needs in the new normal? Then book a free demo with our specialists to learn how you can deploy smarter attendance management.

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Attendance Management Software: The smart way to track employee attendance

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October 25, 2021

A very inspiring list. Thanks for putting this together


October 25, 2021

This is such a great list of women leaders! More power to you all

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