What is sourcing?

Sourcing comes under the talent acquisition that involves proactively identifying, contacting, and engaging qualified candidates for an organization rather than waiting for candidates to apply on their own. General recruiters may handle sourcing as one of their responsibilities, but some organizations use dedicated sourcers who focus only on this task.

Sourcing vs recruiting

Sourcing is the talent acquisition discipline which focuses on identifying, assessing, and engaging potential candidates for roles turning them into applicants. People who specialise in sourcing are typically referred to as “sourcers.”Recruiting is the act of guiding applicants through the evaluation process, negotiating offers, and to some degree onboarding. While some organizations have recruiters tend to both sourcing and recruiting, sourcing has steadily but surely emerged as a specialized field. Optimizing the two functions can lower recruiting costs and time-to-hire.

Strategies for sourcing 

Creating candidate persona

An ideal candidate persona helps you identify the right channel, message, and strategy to source more qualified candidates. Creating a candidate persona is a multi-step collaborative process, so you would need to talk to your team, hiring managers, and do some research before you fix on a persona. We have talked in detail about candidate persona in our other blog post. You can read it here.

Source candidates who are similar to your candidate persona

Once you have successfully created the candidate persona, you need to source candidates actively who match your persona. These candidates can be present on a number of platforms, however, depending on your persona, you can choose a platform 

Connecting with leads 

Finding a set of perfect candidates for a job is just the step in creating your talent sourcing strategy. Connecting with these leads and turning them into applicants is the major objective of any sourcing exercise. 

Personalized Email Sequences

One message doesn’t fit all. This is especially true for recruitment! You need to personalize your message to candidates to get more replies and enhance engagement. Talk about common hobbies, common skills, why they are suitable for the role, etc! You should talk about your culture, team, vision, and what drives your company in the 1st email. If you don’t hear back immediately,  you should always follow-up with your candidates within a few days.

AB testing and experimenting!

Creating a talent sourcing strategy is an iterative process. You should always run multiple experiments to see what works and what doesn’t work for your company. Define your KPIs before you start your experiments and always benchmark your results and iterate for getting a more efficient talent sourcing strategy.

You can use tools like peopleHum to help you build a better recruitment engine for your business.

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