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Actuary Job Description

Actuary Job Description

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Actuary Job Description

We're seeking for an Actuary to perform extensive risk analysis and forecast the result of future investments.

As an actuary, you'll develop statistical models to evaluate probabilities and present your findings in comprehensive reports. You should have a natural aptitude for arithmetic and an analytical mindset to succeed in this position.

Finally, you will assist us in making the most profitable investments while mitigating financial risks.

Actuary Responsibilities

  • Perform risk evaluations.
  • Recommend investments with the least amount of risk and the largest potential profit.
  • Calculate total assets and liabilities
  • Determine the financial position following an investment.
  • Compare actual ROIs against projections.
  • Keep an eye on market developments and look for fresh investment and fund options.
  • Create guidelines and rules for avoiding high-risk investments and the losses that come with them.
  • Keep track of payments, fundings, and underwriting rules.

Actuary Requirements

  • Work experience as an Actuary, Investment Analyst, or other equivalent role is preferred.
  • Detailed knowledge of how to apply actuarial tables and calculations
  • Excellent numerical and analytical skills  
  • Detail-oriented
  • A bachelor's degree in statistics, mathematics, or finance is preferred.
  • Additional risk management certification or passing actuarial examinations is a plus.