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Credit Analyst Job Description

Credit Analyst Job Description

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Credit Analyst Job Description

We're seeking for a skilled Credit Analyst to assess the creditworthiness of our customers. You'll look at financial data to see if a borrower will be able to meet their financial responsibilities.

Credit Analyst Responsibilities

  • Examine the creditworthiness of current or potential clients.
  • Take a look at your financial activities and credit history on a case-by-case basis (applications, statements, balance sheets, legal documents etc)
  • The total ratio, the trend, the cash flow analyses and make estimates
  • Deliver an accessible and insightful holistic perspective on the investment outlook.
  • Determine the level of risk involved in depth.
  • Analyze data thoroughly and provide clear, objective reports.
  • Check loans for compliance on a regular basis.
  • Follow credit policies and rules.
  • Continuously assess the asset quality of a company's portfolio.
  • Create credit data models that forecast trends and patterns.

Credit Analyst Requirements

  • Demonstrated job experience as a credit analyst
  • Up to date on legal, compliance, and market risk issues  
  • Up to date on legal, compliance, and market risk issues  
  • Analytical skills for financial flows, leverage, collateral, and customer strength
  • Excellent communication and presentation skills
  • A bachelor's degree in business, statistics, or a related subject is required.