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Real Estate Broker Job Description

Real Estate Broker Job Description

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Real Estate Broker Job Description

We're looking for a qualified Real Estate Broker to act as a liaison between property owners and potential buyers. You will help landlords market their properties for sale and advise interested buyers. The goal is to move forward and secure a mutually beneficial agreement.

Real Estate Broker Responsibilities

  • Assist sellers in determining how to best promote their properties in order to attract favourable offers.
  • Use a variety of marketing techniques to promote your property.
  • Assess the clients' desires and financial capabilities to make the best recommendations.
  • Provide legal guidelines, rates, specifications, and property availability information.
  • Mediate transactions between sellers and buyers, ensuring good behaviour and an open exchange of information in order to reach a mutually beneficial agreement.
  • Assess the worth of a property by thoroughly researching the market or previous purchases.
  • Present properties to prospective buyers and address any questions or concerns they may have.
  • Important legal documents must be drafted and completed (contracts, agreements etc)
  • Coordination of real estate auctions or exchanges
  • Create and manage a list of available properties.
  • Collaborate and network with contractors, home inspectors, lawyers, and other outside stakeholders.
  • Real estate agents should be supervised.
  • Maintain your market knowledge and best practises.

Real Estate Broker Requirements

  • Demonstrated work experience as a Real Estate Broker
  • Proven sales track record Ability to work independently and sell effectively
  • Outstanding interpersonal skills with a demonstrated ability to negotiate Trustworthy and results-oriented
  • Basic knowledge of Microsoft Office is required
  • A valid licence to practise the profession of real estate broker.