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Teacher Assistant Job Description

Teacher Assistant Job Description

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Teacher Assistant Job Description

We're looking for a capable Teacher Assistant to assist our lead teachers in the classroom. You will have the opportunity to work with children of varying ages and educational needs while learning how to create effective lesson plans and organise classrooms.

As a Teacher Assistant, you'll be in charge of individual students – or smaller groups of students – who require extra help understanding the teaching material. You'll collaborate with the lead Teacher to create lesson plans and assist them with record-keeping.

You must be smart, patient, and have a positive attitude to do this job well. We'd like to meet you if you're ready to advance your teaching career and make a real difference in the lives of our students.

Teacher Assistant Responsibilities

  • Assist teachers in creating lesson plans
  • Set up all of the necessary materials for classes (e.g. projectors, chemistry sets)
  • Maintain a record of student attendance and class schedules.
  • Review class material with individual students who are having difficulty learning.
  • Work with smaller groups of students to provide remedial instruction or to reinforce the learning process.
  • Escort and supervise students on field trips and school activities.
  • Ensure that classrooms are safe and clean before classes begin.
  • Assist teachers with a variety of tasks, such as grading assignments and informing parents about their children's progress.
  • Assist students in adjusting, learning, and socialising, and report any potential behavioural issues to teachers.

Teacher Assistant Requirements

  • Working as a Teacher Assistant
  • Good understanding of administrative tasks at school and learning techniques
  • Excellent communication and organisational abilities
  • Positive attitude and a calm demeanour
  • Personality that is firm but kind
  • A passion for education and the ability to establish trusting relationships with students, teachers, and parents
  • A bachelor's or associate's degree is preferred.