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10 things an employer should not be doing during the pandemic
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10 things an employer should not be doing during the pandemic

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Bushra Siddiqui
March 1, 2022
Human Resource Management Platform

The start of this year witnessed this decade’s Black Swan event - The Coronavirus. It made sick leaves, work from home and flu the most discussed topics not only in workspaces but even on social media.

Affecting 100+ countries, cities going under lockdown to sealing boundaries, it resulted in disheveled economies.  People are taking self-isolation seriously and are also highly encouraged by their governments to do so. Statistics claim that 35% of employers plan to add staff in the coming weeks to meet increased demand, 80% of workers are looking for more work and 30% would like to supplement their income with gig work. All of the effects are not just evident from ground realities but even from the space. Data gathered from satellites through reinforced remote sensing on the ground has clearly given a picture of different mills operated by companies like Orbital Insights. These satellites study a large range of human activity and provide business and other strategic insights from their data that are particularly useful for us now. 

Their analysis is now providing us evidence on the prominence of coronavirus in different industrial areas, for example, the Tae Chul Industrial, a South Korean firm that makes auto parts in Daegu. According to Orbital Insight, satellites peering down from space see fewer cars in the employee parking lot, and a build-up of trucks outside its loading docks, suggesting that production is slowing down and goods are not being shipped out due to lack of manual forces.

As self-isolation is highly recommended in this SOS, employers, and employees are facing a tough time in defining a guide book to keep the business from crashing. Now, the million-dollar question - what preventive measure for the coronavirus can be done at workspaces? More efficiently, what should you be not doing at the workplace?

10 things an employer should not be doing during the pandemic

10 things an employer should not be doing during the COVID pandemic

1. Ignore irrationality across the workspace

Remember the character Burke in the movie Aliens? All his activities were directed to making money endangering everyone including himself. This should not be a case amidst the pandemic. Let’s put our people first. Not profits or bureaucratic decisions. Pandemics are a very sensitive issue, try and look into every individual’s mental and physical health. Keep in mind to stay aware of everything that’s happening around. Don’t be ignorant to something that can disrupt your employee’s journey.

2. Inactiveness can be dreadful

If you need to be right before moving, you’ll never win. Speed up emergency management and pace up your decision-making just like the spread of the flu. The current situation will require immediate action irrespective of your government enforcing you to it. Always remember that precautions delayed are precautions ignored.

3. Ignore spurious sources

Manage your own state first. Rely on authentic information and help people at not spreading hearsay. In light of the current situation, panic is obvious. Preventive measure for the coronavirus one can try and create an environment which ensures a source of steadiness instead of diverging your people to every news spread across social media and news forces.

4. Mind the spaces

Encourage frequent meets and greets whilst working remotely. Manage to keep a huddle before the day and keep your teams in sync. Introduce ‘Ask me Anything’ sessions wherein employees remotely get a chance to interact with each other irrespective of work-related topics or general issues.

5. Hygiene is two-thirds of health

Hygiene is the topic that’s being said and accepted but most practiced when needed. Hygiene is the first block to create a carefree workspace. Encourage sanitization within oneself and across the floor, including disinfecting public areas, lifts, doors, and their handles, toilet, meeting area, and work desks. This is the most effective preventive measure for the coronavirus.

6. Keep an eye on the rabble-rouser

Create an environment away from hoax or agitation. Circulate motivational videos amongst the company’s communication channels and help to suppress the negative thoughts. Essentially recognize and appreciate the positive vibes around and try to be a part of it.

7. Don’t avoid communication

Imagine your organization as one basketball team and viruses as a huge competitor. No matter how good your pass can be lack of consciousness from your teammate might result in a smash on the face thus nullifying all your efforts and strategies involved to create a win.

10 things an employer should not be doing during the pandemic | peopleHum

8. Hearing can suppress overbearing 

Value your colleagues going through bad health, support them emotionally and respect their privacy when needed. Create an environment of support within the team and help them feel valued. These small acts of kindness will not only boost the team spirit but this empathy will multiply and bear fruits for future endeavors. 

9. Don’t insist on working from the office

Strategize your employees with preventive measure for the coronavirus for work from home setup. Help them with well defined KPIs for their day. Make them feel less isolated and more accompanied during the day. Encourage group tasks and web conferences for brainstorming an idea to discuss the potential strategy to overcome the crisis. Breaking the chain and stopping the spread of coronavirus is important.

10. Legit sources is it?

Try and update yourself with legitimate sources, try and keep a track of announcement and updates from your government authorities about the coronavirus. For preventive measure for the coronavirus spread the content being shared by WHO and validate it for yourself every now and then to be well-read with authentic information as much as possible.

These are a few things that I felt an employer should not be doing during the pandemic. Have I missed something? Let’s share more information and keep each other safe.

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10 things an employer should not be doing during the pandemic

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October 25, 2021

A very inspiring list. Thanks for putting this together


October 25, 2021

This is such a great list of women leaders! More power to you all

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