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Company Announcements
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Company Announcements

Nirvi B
June 28, 2022

Nearly 60% of businesses lack a long-term approach for internal communication. (Workforce) Employees have now started to believe thatthey are missing out on company news and updates.

With an increasing demand for remote work, the need to have finer communication in place is quite evident. An important aspect of this communication is how you make your company announcements. Are they scattered all over your mail inbox? Or are they hanging upon your notice board, long forgotten?

Announcements offer a bigger picture of how well is your internal communication pulling off. Nearly 83% of business leaders rely on technology to interact and collaborate, as per an Alfresco survey of more than 753 businessmen.

Here’s how peopleHum leverages technology to help thrive leading businesses with a smart, intelligent announcement feature, integrated with an ideal employee engagement software.

Rapid outreach and response

PeopleHum's special announcement feature enables you to make urgent announcements or policies that you need to address to the team. The reach-time of an announcement is quicker and efficient than what one may have expected via email.

In the case of an email, it’s difficult to comprehend whether or not the messages have been read and responded to. You're shooting in the dark unless you confirm that your message or announcement was received.

Address-to customization

One may address an announcement to a specific team as per the intent of the message. This allows the leaders to save both time and efforts of an employee, or a particular team, that has no relevance to the announcement.

Intuitive employee responses

Employees do respond to emails, but you hardly ever see one respond to an extensive company-sized announcement in a personal manner. Email fails to fulfil a critical component of the internal communication without a two-way connection in place.

PeopleHum enhances this experience with a palette of intuitive emoticons that allow employee to reflect upon the announcement and express their moods.

The feature is further enhanced by an additional comment section. An employee may moreover share their thoughts on the posted announcements. The upper management or hierarchy get to enable or disable commenting as per their convenience.  

Prioritize announcements

An employee may prioritize important announcements, among the others, with a special advantage of the save feature. It further improves employee productivity by allowing one to give preference to a task, as per the organization’s need of the hour.

Inboxes on email and other messaging platforms are often clogged and difficult to monitor. This may result in lack of priority of projects and lead to delay or interrupt employee productivity.

Round the clock accessibility

The rise of third-party messaging apps comes with a handful of drawbacks for medium and large-sized organizations. An employee may find it inconvenient to access an important announcement or message during off working hours. One may also face trouble logging into the communication system, such as Intranet, when not present in the office.

PeopleHum's ideal employee engagement software dismisses these drawbacks with its round the clock accessibility. An employee gets easy access to information or announcement that he/she needs during any time of the day.

Wrapping up!

The use of technology in making these collaborations fruitful is gaining wide attention. If you already sense your announcements being scattered, you may need to explore an engagement solution for your organization and its people.

Register with peopleHum or take a free seat at our demo to see how we can enhance your employee experience with our comprehensive employee engagement software.

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Company Announcements

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October 25, 2021

A very inspiring list. Thanks for putting this together


October 25, 2021

This is such a great list of women leaders! More power to you all

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