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Benefits of CRM resellers partnering with HCM platforms | peopleHum
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Benefits of CRM resellers partnering with HCM platforms

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Anushka Rajesh
January 10, 2022
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Remote work has triggered many futuristic changes in a way that most of the trending phenomena today hadn’t been thought of or actioned upon in pre-pandemic times. While CRM, which managed interactions of past and potential customers of a product existed on one end of the spectrum, HCM platforms focusing on core administrative HR functions made their mark on the other. However, with the onset of telecommuting and a rise in remote teams, reseller partnerships have taken on a different meaning with CRM and HCM getting intermeshed onto each other. Resellers who initially had Customer Relationship Management as their strong forte are increasingly helping in qualifying leads, marketing and selling Human Capital Management platforms. Thus, in addition to Customer Relationship, resellers are aligning and partnering with HCM products for a holistic organizational development within and without!

“A Channel Partner Program is a strategy to motivate and engage channel partners to create more value for customers.” - Anonymous

Apart from customer-centricity, CRM resellers sign a partnership deal with HCM platforms, pitch the software to sell it themselves, after which they receive a commission on the closing of the deal with the client. There are several positives that benefit both parties when CRM resellers partner with Human-Capital based platforms. 

Main benefits of CRM resellers partnering with HCM platforms through the lens of Customer Management

1. Customer-centricity through employee-centricity 

Before focusing on customer engagement, most global organizations aim to engage, motivate and retain their employees at work for optimizing productivity and overall output. Human Capital Management platforms ensure this is achieved at the touch of a button anytime and anywhere. When CRM resellers partner with and re-sell an HR tech software, they offer the full spectrum of a healthy and sustainable employee and customer experience. By shedding more light on HCM along with CRM, resellers focus on employee-centricity in organizations. 

2. HCM investment with remote work

Remote work has called for an increase in the use of HCM platforms to manage workforces efficiently. Issues like employee trust and productivity rates have become the talk of the town now more than ever with work-from-home. To respond to these demands, there is an increase in HCM investment and HR processes are increasingly being used. Hence, to raise awareness about Human Capital Management in a Future of Work where everything is going digital, resellers are endorsing HR tech platforms, thus making them the norm.

3. Sufficiency of a single specialization

Since CRM resellers are already skilled in customer-centric selling, they do not have to acquire a unique specialization to engage in partnerships with HCM platforms. A lack of a separate base program and niche skill sets make HCM reselling easier, possible and profitable. 

4. Smoother collaboration

Certain micro-benefits of CRM resellers partnering with HCM platforms are that some CRM resellers integrate their software with an inbound marketing platform, which offers clients a complete marketing solution in addition to delivering the HCM product. A CRM reseller partnership with an HCM platform depicts mutual goals and better collaboration between both parties, which in turn ensures a deeper value proposition for clients.

5. Increase in growth and revenue

Integrating CRM resellers with HR software ensures exponential growth and earnings for both parties, which aids in each one’s professional development. As Annual Contract Values (ACVs) rise for the partner, the HCM platform witnesses an international expansion across languages and geographies. This extension of local offices benefits growing startups and companies by setting up a virtual team globally. This leads to an Increased brand awareness and consumer confidence in the product. CRM reseller partnerships with Human Capital Management platforms is one of the most economically viable options for familiarizing and aligning with global market and management practices. Research suggests that Russia witnessed market growth percentages as high as 300% after transitioning from the inside sales model to a reseller partner-driven one.

6. Better lead generation

One of the other benefits of CRM resellers is that lead generation is made smoother, faster and more credible. This clarity in the target audience leads to a better market reach and sales.

7. Scope for customization 

Partners being the first touchpoints, fulfil the customized needs of customers by building integrations, custom applications, portal designs and delivering other value added services. For example, CRM reseller partners in China analyzed product requirements locally and built WeChat integration for Freshdesk, which also helped boost product value significantly. 

8. Localizing the brand 

Since there is no one-size-fits-all solution to sell products, it becomes imperative for marketers and sellers to adapt to novel and local marketing strategies, which improve customer connection by building a personal brand relationship. These localization efforts are instrumental in driving revenue and fostering a community of oral customers who appreciate the brand’s USP. 

9. Delivering value 

Some value-added resellers go one step further and create additional value for customers by bundling additional features or services with the original product and reselling the bundled version to their customers for an additional fee. 

10. Compartmentalizing product fabrication and marketing

As resellers engage in the task of marketing the product, the product team can concentrate on its core objectives of improving the product. With the reduced time and cost spent on customer support and marketing, testing new features, fixing bugs and adding other innovative features that will offer customers better value from the product can become a frequent phenomenon. 

Reseller partnerships represent a more quantitative opportunity than referrals since the outcomes are measured in volume and discounts rather than in benefits and opportunities. This makes CRM reseller partnerships more suited to established companies that have already found product-market fit, have an established customer base, and are looking to optimize their supply chain to grow their sales. In other words, the four E's of reseller partnerships are - educate, equip, engage and earn!

Benefits of CRM resellers partnering with HCM platforms

peopleHum’s reseller partnership  

Looking to open your door to new possibilities and opportunities? Desiring a sneak peek into the Future of Work? Hoping someone could hand-hold you at every step of the way?

The one-stop solution to getting all the above questions answered is peopleHum’s ’Solution-partner’ model. Reimagine the future for you and your customers by entering the world of peopleHum where employee experience acts as a key driver for your business results and success. While we sign up resellers to help distribute our products in different markets, CRM resellers can set up their own prices, offer support and other value added services to their customers. From an array of partners ranging from consulting, advisory, systems integrations, onboarding, setup and support services, peopleHum entices customers both big and small from around the world.

It’s time you enhance organizational value with this most comprehensive employee experience platform that provides the flexibility of implementation for people processes. You could also help grow company sales and have multiple revenue channels while we recommend customers to you in your domain for consultation. Accept our support with the most scalable, innovative, user friendly, value oriented and customer focused set of products for business acceleration. Our motto is to support you completely through this journey and value our relationship and your business throughout!


In a nutshell, both CRM resellers and HCM platforms have a lot to benefit from partnerships at a time when the world is getting closer and business departments are stepping out of their unique silos and blurring the lines with integrations. There’s no doubt that this is the time to leverage the opportunity that awaits and be limitless to soar the skies of the future. Join the bandwagon of CRM-HCM partnerships today with peopleHum. The best is indeed yet to come!

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October 25, 2021

A very inspiring list. Thanks for putting this together


October 25, 2021

This is such a great list of women leaders! More power to you all