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Customer success stories
Bigibet: A testament to peopleHum’s agile performance management system
Sneha Moorthy
September 22, 2021
Adedotun Lawal, Head of people Operations and Admin

Gambling & Casinos


11 - 50


BigiBet, operated by Noblesteed Nigeria Limited is a sports betting brand that offers online & retail sports gaming products and services to the Nigerian market.

Q : So Adedotun, could you just begin by telling us a little bit about who you are and what you do at the work that you're doing there.

Adedotun : My name is Adedotun and I'm currently the head of people operations at Bigibet.

Q : How did you get to know about peopleHum ?

Adedotun : Someone from peopleHum reached out to me on LinkedIn and sent me a couple of documents to go through, and that's how I got to know about peopleHum.

Q : What pain points were you trying to solve while considering peopleHum?

Adedotun : Oh, well, I was looking for an HRIS, especially a performance management system that's robust when it came to creating & tracking goals and managing the entire review cycle seamlessly. peopleHum was the closest to what I was actually looking for in terms of an all round HR.

Q : You've been using peopleHum for quite some time now. What are certain features or even modules that you really like about peopleHum and how has it made your life easier?

Adedotun : Okay, so I think the easiest one for me, my favorite one is the review cycle, especially when it comes to the nine grid box which we haven't used particularly, but I'm looking forward to how it would populate by December - January when we finally conduct the annual review for our employees. But I think that's the most important for me. Again, because the kind of company that I work in is very, very performance driven.

So being able to create goals, update its progress and then eventually review the achievement as against the targets set by the company, that is really very very good for me. I also like the announcement feature where you can broadcast announcements to the entire organization. We've also used the hire portal very, very, very, very often, which is excellent.

Q : How has your overall customer experience been with peopleHum’s team?

Adedotun : It's been great. I just send an email and get a response within 24 hours. I also just send a WhatsApp message to Rishi every time I have any issues and he's really always available to help despite the time difference. I mean, the response is always prompt and the support team is always willing to explain things that I don't understand, gives me examples, sends screenshots. So, the support from the team has been really great.

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