Blockchain in HR & recruitment – What’s the role – Pt. 2

Aishwarya Sinha Ray
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Blockchain in HR & recruitment – What’s the role – Pt. 2

Blockchain in Human Resources & recruitment – What role does it play?

Part 2

Actions speak louder than words and so do achievements. We always have someone in the family or in our friend circle suggest that we must focus on building our skills rather than adding pages to our resume or degrees to our qualification. Then why is that many great performers with phenomenal skills end up getting rejected by their dream company? Of course, there is an art in writing a resume and there are innumerable professionals out there, who can help out candidates. But what if the poor pitch overshadows the hidden passion and mettle and someone less worthy bags the job? It’s a huge blow to the self-confidence and motivation of the candidate, specially for the neophytes in the already intimidating corporate culture. Fortunately, we have hr blockchain to provide us a reasonable answer for this question. Let’s see how this technology is creating an environment for the right talent to not go unnoticed by the human resources.

What is the definition of a good candidate?

"Let me rephrase this to what is ‘your’ definition of a good candidate? With this, we have established the fact that the definition of a good candidate is highly subjective."

Now to begin with, the Human Resources has to ensure that they have sufficient details about the candidate to discuss with the internal team. So, they try to gather as much information as possible in order to have a preliminary understanding of the candidate. The 2 very basic features that almost every other organisation focuses and relies on are-

  1. Letter Of Recommendation, and
  2. Background check through references

Letter Of Recommendation

Let me ask you a very simple question. Imagine you are a renowned professor teaching at a highly reputed and esteemed University. You would agree that the students would want you to write an LOR for them, wouldn’t you? Another question for you, since we are talking about a highly reputed University, most of which have an extremely stringent selection criteria, it is a no-brainer that the majority of the students, specially in their final year, would be highly talented, full of potential, all set and geared up for the show out in the real world. How exactly would you find the time to describe the true spirit of the student on a single sheet of paper within 100 to 150 words? Not to forget that every student of yours would expect a personal touch. Wait, I’ll answer it for you. Yes, it is indeed difficult and considering the rate at which we are speeding towards population boom in our country, it is all the more time-consuming.

So what do you do? You create a set, standard template and cut-copy-paste the name of your every student and their respective batch and you’re done. In fact, you won’t even believe but students come up with creative hacks to make the job of the professor faster and easier. There have been cases where the student shares such a good rapport with the professor that they ask the student to write their own LOR so that in the end they can simply put their signatures on the physical copy or an e-signature on a document. Now, how reliable is that?

Background check through references

Conducting a background check is a more professional approach where the candidate comes with a certain amount of prior experience. There is a fairly high chance that if the candidate has worked for 2 or more companies, there would be at least a slight difference in each of those experiences. This is pretty obvious because the candidate would have different reporting managers with different personalities and even more different ways of dealing with situations. Therefore, the end result might have at least some amount of discrepancy. As much as it is a great way of creating the first and foremost impression of the candidate, organisations cannot stick to someone else’s version of the candidate. But what other, better, way to fasten the process and make it fair for the candidate and seem more legit?

Hence, blockchain.

It comes out as the most reliable means of technology that has the power to remove all discrepancies and maintain consistency. This stand-alone technology is so powerful that each and every data that is entered is transparent, verified and therefore, reliable. The data will be independent and wouldn’t belong to any single company but a single, unified platform. This way-

  1. The platform will become a reputation and personality builder for applicants
  2. Deserving candidates will be able to seek a desirable job faster
  3. Human Resources will save significant amount of time and money in finding the right talent
  4. Companies will have a fair idea about the professionalism and competence of the candidate
  5. The HR team will be able to overcome any form of personal or professional bias to be fair and just

The main objective of hr blockchain is to reduce labour and facilitate the hiring process through automation. However, till the time it remains uncertain we have to look out for better options.

There are many platforms that are achieving new heights in Human Resources and recruitment automation, peopleHum being one of them. It is a global platform that facilitates the recruitment process in any organisation. The platform has been designed to make the jobs and lives of Human Resources and recruiters much easier. Further, the platform gives each and every candidate a fair chance of getting hired. In fact, the peopleHum platform provides an authentic way of prioritising candidate interview scheduling for the Human Resources. It provides a suitable score to the candidate profile for gauging its relevance.

Open access for all

The information will not be encrypted or partially hidden from anyone. It will be open for all so that anyone, anytime, anywhere can refer to the candidate details to spot a desirable hire. This way the world from different time zones will stay and remain connected. Distance will not be a barrier between an opportunity and the candidate. And the data will be transparent to be available on a global channel, and yet remain safe.

Let’s hope that the technology improves further and facilitates the recruitment process for real.

We hope you got some great insights from this blog. Its now time to apply it. Get started with peopleHum for free today. No credit card needed.

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