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Recruitment automation: How has it changed hiring?
Hiring and Recruitment

Recruitment automation: How has it changed hiring?

May 7, 2024

What if we had a robot that did all our tasks? Have you ever wondered what that would be like? Well, every time I see the mounds of paperwork in front of me, I have had the thought of inventing a machine that would take care of all the mundane and routine tasks and fortunately, technology has gone far and beyond the hill. Everything has become automated. Recruitment, hiring, onboarding process and what not!  The process of finding and hiring the best-qualified candidate (from within or outside of an organization) for a job opening, in a timely and cost-effective manner. The recruitment process includes analyzing the requirements of a job, attracting employees to that job, screening and selecting applicants, hiring, and integrating the new employee to the organization. Recruitment automation has become a buzzword to be precise! Let's take a look at how recruitment automation has changed the hiring process!

Recruitment automation in hiring:

Recruitment automation: How has it changed hiring? | peopleHum

1. AI focuses on the front end of the recruitment process

The topic of recruitment automation in hiring has been around since early 2018 and it isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. HR tools and automation platforms will not really replace recruiters. They will bring more power, strength, and freedom to their work. It will help uplift them and give them more space to engage candidates and build a brand reputation.You can create cloud system by using iPaaS to integrate all platforms.

In fact, experts look at the role of AI in HR in 2 different aspects-

One – HR bots are not really going to take over recruitment teams altogether. HR professionals are only looking for assistance for the same.

Two – There is tremendous competition when it comes to HR platforms meeting each other face to face, trying to crack a deal with an organization.

HR automation tools will only expedite the recruitment process and bring more consistency in picking the right candidate for the organization.

Recruitment automation processes in hiring will increase recruiter productivity and can also help in saving real time and money. It doesn’t stop there, it will also help in choosing the most eligible candidate by helping to keep bias and prejudices at bay. As discussed, machines don’t have emotions, yet, and this will help to ensure any foul plays away.

2. Recruitment automation in hiring will focus on videos and digital integrations

Potential candidates appreciate it when the organization they are applying to, takes the initiative of walking them through the work culture they are going to be a part of. Videos work exponentially well when it comes to showing around the diverse work environment.

Moreover, technical and digital integrations allow candidates to find out more about the organization. Before they sign a contract or accept the offer, it is beneficial if they are on the same page as the organization itself.

In the end, no candidate is perfect and neither is any organization. Therefore, things work out well when there are no discrepancies and only trust. This way, even if there is a lack of perfection, things turn out well because employees want to work towards the vision of the organization. Visual capabilities only bring more strength to this viewpoint when you want to know how to hire employees.

3. Hire for potential and not just for skills

Give up your search for that perfect candidate because that’s too elusive. You have got to look for the right attitude that is going to become a good cultural fit. If you can see the ability and the desire to learn and grow then you know that you have found the right talent. The candidate may or may not have the required skills but if they want to learn, they will.

We live in a world where there are no restrictions on learnings and growth. Everybody has access to the internet and watch relevant videos to learn something new. Better take advantage of this and trust candidates who come with the right attitude to meet the hiring companies.

4. Utilize recruitment data for better recruitment outcome

Top talent management is simple when you make use of data with the correct approach. Data is still the King, irrespective how many new technological advancements come in the picture. HR automation tools will come go as easily as they come unless they make sensible use of data. Data will give quick access to candidate information to recruiters and help them maintain spreadsheets or tools in a much better fashion.

As discussed above, recruitment has gone through a plethora of changes over the years. Applicant tracking systems have redefined recruitment in the right way and has given a positive deviation. peopleHum, the CODiE Award-Winning Human Resource Platform has always been at the forefront of innovation and development. Recruitment automation is made easy with this AI and ML integrated platform that has been curated for the future. peopleHum uses Artificial Intelligence to assist your team in complex tasks like resume screening and assessing candidate suitability.

Given below are some of the various features of peopleHum:

Streamline Hiring

peopleHum uses extensive flows to manage openings and candidates through the entire hiring process. It helps in simplifying scheduling automated interviews, feedback collection and more.

Optimize your recruitment process for better hiring with peopleHum
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Candidate Engagement

Candidate engagement and candidate experience are concepts that are often ignored by organizations. It is important to deliver a great candidate experience to ace employer branding. peopleHum help ensure best-in-class interaction with your candidates by automating key emails and schedules.

Hiring Source Management

peopleHum is a one-stop solution. It helps to manage all sources of hiring with up to date analytics and custom capabilities for key sources including referrals and external recruiters.

Candidate sourcing

peopleHum allows candidates to apply for jobs at your organization, either through direct links on job boards or via emails sent to your hiring mailbox.

Candidate onboarding

Requisite details from the candidates post-hiring, to seamlessly flow into employee data record and review; Inform stakeholders in advance to make necessary arrangements to give new hires a stellar first-day candidate experience.

Custom fields

The organization or the team might have specific and defined needs as per the job. Certain jobs might require the candidates to travel, certain others may demand an age bar and likewise. Shortlisting the candidate for an interview and realizing during the interview that the candidate is not fit for the job at the most basic level, is a waste of time and effort.

peopleHum has thought this through and provides the perfect solution.

Through ‘Custom Fields’, the person creating the job can mention the fields which are mandatory. As the name suggests, it can be customized.

In a nutshell, Custom Fields help in:

  • Customizing job postings
  • Collecting the mandatory data
  • Saving time and effort

Job board integration

It is not a trivial task to detail out the job description and create the job opening, and publishing the requirement. It is even more strenuous to make sure that the job posted gets enough visibility and attention. Job board integration, the all-new feature added to peopleHum provides the option of integrating the new job posting to sites such as glass door. This will ensure that the job will reach the heterogeneous multitude.

In a nutshell,

  • The HR or team leads do not have to go through the hassles and havoc of posting the job in different sites.
  • One-stop solution
  • Easy to keep tabs

peopleHum is a futuristic platform that adapts and evolves according to the needs of the organization. With the addition of recruitment automation in changing hiring decisions, it stays ahead of its competitors and strives hard to deliver what the customer needs!

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Recruitment automation: How has it changed hiring?

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