Company culture - How it influences your market presence

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Company culture - How it influences your market presence

Your company culture pronounces the behavior of your organization. The way you conduct your interviews, treat your employees and handle your customers is unreservedly and explicitly known to the world outside. Thanks to the internet. What’s interesting to note is that the details are either out in the open or discussed under the table. So basically, no matter how many investors you reach out to, how much funding you raise, the number of top shot clients you back, the number of transactions you pull off to achieve success and meet your targets, people are still going to talk about your business and your company culture.

Company culture - How it influences your market presence | peopleHum

So you have to maintain a good company culture right from the beginning

To make sure that your company culture has a positive impact and a reigning influence on the market there are certain things that you must to do right- consistency, credibility, mentorship, team-spirit. That’s how you make the shift from your market presence to market dominance.


You have to be courageous to be consistent

It takes a lot of work, time and patience to believe in a set of rules and principles and a lot more courage to stick by them. If you look at the history of the most successful people then you will realise what truly helped them turn the tables.The skills employers are looking for right now are manifold but I am sure that being consistent is a skill that they are looking for on a priority basis. Personal accountability and consistency - nobody likes inconsistent prudes but everyone looks up to those who are rich with their ideas and abide by their values.


You have got to be credible, if not famous

We have Google searches and YouTube videos to get the majority of the information that we look for. But who is the biggest game changer that goes beyond the reach of Google and influence of Youtube?Hands down. It’s Reddit - one of the most credible and reliable sources of information that millennials trust and reach out to. It doesn’t intrude your searches with Nerolac advertisements or take away the comfort from your stand-up streaming experience.So, how do you find the Reddit of your team and make them stay? How do you make sure that they get their due recognition, appreciation and credit for work without fail and that the rest of the team learns from their dedication instead of getting jealous?A simple way to begin is to classify the members of your team team to get to the top performers at the earliest-

Here, you can neither afford to lose the competent nice person nor keep the incompetent snob. Both cases, which are - losing a competent nice person or keeping an incompetent snob - would exude a series of controversial enquiries that you would not want to face or get into. This will further create unnecessary chaos and disrupt the whole company culture.

Hiring and retaining top talent or finding a decent way to let go of an incompetent employee come with their own challenges. However, it is not impossible to achieve it when you decide to manage the situation with complete control and sincerity.

Give the top performers their due credit, encourage and not disparage your team to learn from them. Maybe the incompetent snob will end up getting influenced and will change their course of rough attitude.


Great leaders build great teams

Want an honest opinion? Your employees care less about what you say but are quite astute while observing how you do your work and handle situations. A team that cares about building your company will notice every small detail and care about each project that you give to them. All this while, they will look up to you, learn from you and try to follow everything that you do to guide them. One of the reasons why big, successful companies encourage the new trainees to shadow someone from the leadership team.

Therefore, it gets all the more important to ensure that you stick with what you say. Or even better - correct yourself if you go awry. In certain cases, the leadership is accountable for the cultural issues that arise and seep within the system. If you fall back then you entire team falls back.Sporadic meltdowns are a given, you cannot escape it. As long as it doesn’t become a behavioural pattern or a continual laid-back attitude, you’re all good. Further, good practice comes with good thinking and vice versa. Therefore, be good and your team will do good.


A company that works together stays together

Have you ever heard about a company that works towards solving an existing problem of the society or creates products/provides services to make the user life better? Mostly, yes. Have you also heard about a company that achieves this goal and succeeds under a work environment that encourages hate-comments and blame-games? Mostly no, because such a company doesn’t exist. It would immediately fall apart even before participating in the race to technological disruption.

I am not saying that you have to romanticise your company culture or build an environment where everybody just loves to listen to every other person. Let’s face it - it’s never going to happen - but is it possible to constructively discuss things over a meeting? Yes, of course, why not?

"Failure is normal. It is human. The best way to deal with is to accept it, get over it, move on to a new project and ace the game as a team".

Honestly, it’s really your personal choice how you want to go about it. If you want my opinion, you can do the following. It will help you maintain a happy company culture. Everybody may not agree with everybody but at least where people listen and respect each others views.

  1. Hold weekly team meetings and catch-ups
  2. Go out as a team once in a month or two
  3. Make sure that you don’t lose your temper too often (you can enjoy your cheat day once in a while)
  4. Encourage your team members to meet and talk at every possible chance
  5. Arrange for random meet-ups between people from independent teams

It's not going to be easy in the beginning but will get smoother and easier way with time.


Creating and maintaining a great company culture is extremely important. You don’t have to do anything out-of-the box extraordinary. You only have to take care of the small things so that the bigger things fall in their place eventually. Lastly, being a business person you will have mercenary objectives and goals but don’t forget that people value a safe, secure and reliable workplace culture!

We hope you got some great insights from this blog. Its now time to apply it. Get started with peopleHum for free today. No credit card needed.

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