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Disrupting human capital with artificial intelligence
Future of work

Disrupting human capital with artificial intelligence

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Sneha Moorthy
March 9, 2022
Human Resource Management Platform

When you think of what the future of work is going to look like, the first very thought that scares anyone and everyone is the takeover of automation in day to day life-disrupting Human Capital.
Automation and Artificial Intelligence is going to eat up jobs. People are going to be jobless and machines and robots are going to rule the world. All through this we only see what is being destroyed or replaced but we fail to understand the creative side of the process. The future of work is an inevitable shift and it is we who are not putting in the efforts in understanding how it will bring value.

The process of disrupting Human Capital with AI has definitely risen as a storm and blinded everyone with the dust, the brighter side of this can only be seen and understood once the dust settles!

The disruption of human capital is bringing in a lot of changes, it is entailing the wave of indispensable innovation that will make us more relevant in the workplace. Artificial Intelligence here helps individuals focus on the roles of their work, which adds more value.

While it is true that the creative side of this disruption of human capital with AI is really beautiful and is going to add more value to the individual’s work at his workplace, it is equally essential to understand that workers need to pull up their socks and acquire new skills in adapting the technology and working alongside machines. Artificial Intelligence aims far beyond mere automation, and with today’s skills that workers possess there is a serious mismatch between what companies will be looking forward to and what workers will be willing to offer.

Automation and Artificial Intelligence are not new or not something that is not known to humans at all, the only difference now is, the technologies are pushing ahead to what machines can do better and adapting to it is a life-changing experience. The outcome of this learning is going to produce more talent options. Thousands of routine, manual, day to day jobs would be eliminated, but on the other hand millions of job creation and increased productivity is expected.

“Innovations makes things better by making them simpler and cheaper with faster and cost-efficient technique.”

All about disrupting human capital with Artificial Intelligence

Disrupting human capital with artificial intelligence | peopleHum

What I can see through this enormous disruption is the massive penetration of automation systems is actually building a Human Support AI that will allow adapting and understanding of the value-added role of each individual as a whole. This focus of technology enables the understanding of the value of human wealth.

The crucial takeaway here would be innovations, especially AI-led innovations should not be looked at just lowering the cost and increasing the productivity, rather focus on bringing in value-added work and freeing up from redundant day to day work
For better understanding, let us take this instance of automation in hiring that allows predictive analysis, enhance the screening and evaluation that helps the individual not focus on the redundant task of going through each resume, but the ultimate decision of if the candidate is a perfect fit to the organization solely depends on the hiring individual.
This instance is a key example of how automation should be leveraged by the technologies to build Human supportive Intelligence.

AI is definitely bringing in a disruptive change in the world of human capital and this evolution is creating anxiety and fear of losing jobs but it is to be understood that the immediate wave that is going to hit in is going to bring in a huge flow of innovations and value-added work in everyday life.

What is the issue if one gets to work for lesser hours but much productivity!! Yes, that is what the future of work has in for us. Innovation is definitely going to be the driver of the future of work.

Technology is carving a new paradigm by disrupting human capital with artificial intelligence and that is called The Future of Work!!!!

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Disrupting human capital with artificial intelligence

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October 25, 2021

A very inspiring list. Thanks for putting this together


October 25, 2021

This is such a great list of women leaders! More power to you all

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