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What is Hiring?

Hiring and Recruitment are interchangeable.

What is meant by the Hiring Process?

The hiring process is the process of reviewing applications, selecting the right candidates to interview, testing candidates, choosing between candidates to make the decision and performing various pre-employment tests and checks.

During the hiring process, a human resources manager will use the following steps to determine the best possible fit for the job:

  1. Review job applications
  2. Test candidates
  3. Interview selected candidates
  4. Choose candidates based on pre-determined selection criteria
  5. Perform background and reference checks
  6. Send selected candidates for a health check

How to Hire Employees?

To hire employees, you should follow this 7 step procedure. Most of the set-up needs to be done before the employee even applies. The screening process and the interview process comes in later.

  • Get Specific on the Work You Need an Employee to Do
  • Set Yourself Up for recruiting Employees
  • Consider What Pay & Benefits Will Attract Applicants
  • Get the Word Out by Advertising Your Job
  • Evaluate Job Applicants
  • Write a Job Offer
  • Plan to Onboard Your New Hire