Employee engagement survey and employee engagement ideas

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Employee engagement survey and employee engagement ideas

Employees have now become the nub of the concern of every organization. There has been a shift from employee engagement to employee experience. Employee engagement survey will help you understand how much your employees feel valued in the workplace. These surveys are bound to help you in understanding what changes you have to bring in your company culture, the alterations you have to do at your workplace and likewise.

Employee Engagement Survey Tips

Employee Engagement Survey Tip #1-Include a mix of open and close-ended Questions

The survey questions can be a set of open and close-ended questions. To those of you who need that tiny teeny bit of clarification about open and close-ended questions, here is your answer;

Open-ended questions give the leverage of phrasing an answer of their own. It gives room for opinions, subjectivity, and creativity. On the other hand, close-ended questions are those which gives a set of answers and the one who is answering is bound to pick from the answers provided. It might be yes or no, one to ten scale, and the likewise. You might think that employees would love to answer close-ended questions. But, you are wrong. Employees feel more valued when there are open-ended questions.

Employee Engagement Survey Tip #2- Understand the Purpose

Have a clear understanding of why you are doing the engagement survey. Focus on the result while you are creating the survey. I know that sounded a little ridiculous, but trust me it is important. Have a clear understanding of what you intend to analyze from the responses. Whether it is about the workplace, their engagement index, ease of working or a mix of all and curate the questions accordingly. Do not beat around the bush.

Employee Engagement Survey Tip #3-Give room for anonymity

Understand that employees might have an innate fear of being judged and scrutinized no matter how good your company is. Leave the option of anonymity open so that you will receive more honest and genuine answers. Remember your ultimate aim get better and make changes if need be.

Employee Engagement Survey Tip #4-Keep your genuineness intact

As discussed in the above point, remember that your aim is to be better and change if need be. You want the best for the organization as well as for the employees. Do not do an engagement survey just for the sake of doing it. Be open-minded, accept criticisms and embrace the suggestions and opinions that comes you way. This way, employees will feel valued and will understand that it is not a hoax.

We have spoken about employee engagement surveys and the essentials to keep in mind while taking a survey, now, let’s take a look at

Employee Engagement Ideas

Employee engagement ideas and hacks are becoming increasingly famous as the job market turns candidate-driven. In this fast-paced world, retaining employees has become a primary concern for organizations. After all, there are so many distractions out there promising to become ‘the next big thing’.

Retaining employees is directly related to their engagement at the workplace. While many companies are aware of this connection, only a few have been able to come up with engagement strategies that are adequate.

Top 5 Employee Engagement Ideas 

  1. Identify Internal Influencers
  2. Become more accessible
  3. Gather, analyze and act on data
  4. Publish an employee newsletter
  5. Encourage employee interaction outside of work

Now that we have listed the engagement ideas, let us take a look at each one of these in more detail.

Engagement Hack 1: Identify Internal Influencers

The question here is,  who is an internal influencer? If you are thinking about the executive-level employees, you have got it wrong. An internal influencer is somebody who is one of the employees with a regular job title and can influence employees with their charisma or with their logical and intellectual conversations. This is a person who people like or love and look up to.

When you identify these influencers, you can get to the real issues that bother employees. Talk to them and realize what is happening inside the company. We don’t mean eavesdropping or gossiping, just get to know them better for the better!

Since an influencer is a regular employee, in most cases, they will be aware of the experience that their colleagues are having.

These influencers can easily be identified by using simple surveys. Asking employees who they interact with most or whose advice they seek when facing issues at work can point you towards the influencers in the organization. 

Identifying influencers is crucial if you want to boost employee engagement. Studies have found that the five most influential employees can often reach up to twice the number of employees that an executive committee can reach.

Engagement Hack 2: Become more accessible

What is the one piece of technology that almost every employee will have access to all the time? Laptop? Nope, you wouldn’t carry one when you go on a walk now, would you? Yes, a mobile phone! We all stay connected using smart devices in the digital front. So, how can this be used as an engagement hack you ask? It’s simple really. 

Try and engage with employees using a means of technology that is continuously accessible. Considering the fact that the majority of today’s workforce is made of millennials, mobile seems like the best way forward for increasing employee engagement.

Millennials are all set to cross the 75% mark in the workforce globally by 2025. And, 98% of millennials use smartphones, making it a great time to start using a mobile app for employees. If you are already using an employee app, you must know that push notifications work wonders for employee engagement. 75% of messages sent through push notifications are read within an hour of being received.

Optimized communication using mobiles can help develop a collaborative spirit among employees and help everyone contribute to conversations no matter if they are in the office or in the field.

Engagement Hack 3: Collect, analyze and act on Data

When you want to improve anything, the first logical step is to start by measuring it. When it comes to organizations, the way to measuring engagements starts with collecting data. This data can be collected from employees by using effective tools like pulse surveys and polls at regular intervals to ensure the data stays relevant. We have already discussed the tips to use while conducting an employee engagement survey.

The data collected from surveys can help understand the effectiveness of your current engagement strategy. This can in-turn help HR come up with hacks to increase engagement and boost the productivity of employees. 

Bonus points if you are using an app to conduct surveys and measure engagement. According to research conducted by Staffbase, one can expect a 35% higher survey response rate while using an app to conduct surveys as compared to any other channel. The HRMS platforms with the latest technology makes it easier to conduct surveys.

Engagement Hack 4: Publish an Employee Newsletter

Organizations are becoming increasingly global in nature. It becomes important to publish an employee newsletter to share updates and keep everyone on the same page. Clear and constant communication is also an engagement hack in itself. Having an employee-centric approach ensures better implementation.

I understand it might seem redundant to publish internal newsletters when you can just have a meeting and share updates monthly. However, publishing an internal newsletter is far more effective, it gives employees a chance for contribution and recognition by their peers.

Engagement Hack 5: Encourage employee engagement outside of work

Coming to our last employee engagement hack, include and encourage your employees to participate in social events. Support social causes outside of conventional work set up to help establish more personal bonds between employees and teams. 

Many corporate organizations are actively supporting community-building activities around their campuses to help out the people living around their workplace. Encouraging employees to form clubs around their interests helps build better communication between employees leading to better engagement and ultimately better productivity.

When employees feel connected with their coworkers, they will be more aligned to organizational goals. So, when employees are happy and comfortable communicating with their colleagues it fosters loyalty between employees and the company.


Employee engagement is the secret ingredient of successful HR leaders globally. Therefore, at a time where it’s becoming harder to engage and retain talent, employee engagement ideas are working out quite well. Millennials are already a job-hopping generation and they now make up the majority of the workforce worldwide. With challenges like this, it is time for organizations to employ unconventional engagement hacks to engage employees better and retain their best talent. You don’t want to say goodbye to your best talent, do you?

We hope you got some great insights from this blog. Its now time to apply it. Get started with peopleHum for free today. No credit card needed.

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