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How peopleHum helped Gerent go paperless
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How peopleHum helped Gerent go paperless

Sneha Moorthy
February 10, 2022
Will Shu
VP, Technology at Gerent LLC


Information Technology & Services


51 - 200


Gerent is a leading Salesforce Consulting & Implementation partner helping companies thrive in the digital age.

Q: Could you introduce yourself?

Will Shu: Hi everyone. My name is Will Shu, I am the VP of technology for Gerent. I've been managing technology and HR systems for quite a long time.

Q : How did you get to know about peopleHum?

Will Shu: My CEO was able to find peopleHum through a reference of his, and it was sent to me to take a look at, as we were shopping for an HRIS solution.

Q : What particular pain points were you trying to solve by considering peopleHum?

Will Shu: At this time before peopleHum was mainly, a paper based HR system and processes. So everything was manual, everything was hand handwritten on paper or Excel sheets or word docs within Google itself. So the pain points that we were trying to to solve were the manual processes and labor involved in the HRIS process from onboarding new applicants to post the applicant itself.

The web interface, the APIs provided by peopleHum really helped us build a career center out of our  new website, those difficulties, scheduling and maintaining applicants and putting through the application process from start to finish was a true pain it for Gerent And that was the push for the implementation of an HR system, such as peoplehum

Q: What aspects/features do you like about peopleHum?

I like that the fact that peopleHum, is a very fully feature product with a lot of considerations into the workflows of how an HR department operates. There's a lot of neat little abilities to trigger small workflows alerts and notifications to get people moving. There's a, a good attempt at creating collaboration with the announcements and recognition, which people find exciting and fun. I'm also quite enjoying the notification that pop up when there is activities within, various groups that I'm involved in. It's good to know and good to celebrate events as they happen within routines.

Anything special that I found as a differentiator, you know  I really have to say the differentiation with peopleHum, is the team itself. It's the peopleHUm, team, the staff at the project team. It really went out of that way to make me and our onboarding, really special and really dedicated and really personalized, and very willing to do, the special requests that we had to configure to customize, to develop the, the feature sets that we want to implement within our company.

Q: What do you like in peopleHum’s mobile app?

Will Shu : So that was really the, the best part of working with peopleHum so far. I do enjoy the notifications that come up, for a quick look while I'm on my phone. However, I do find that the mobile app is a very, very nice, it's very professional. It mimics the look and feel, and the UI of the web version quite well. And it has the homepage itself is, is full of information. That is exactly what I need to focus on or any HR or purposes.

Q : How was your experience with the customer support team of peopleHum?

Will Shu: Yes, now that the peopleHum team really made this relationship and this implementation and this project, so much better, I truly enjoy working with everyone in the team. Ekta was hugely helpful in the beginning. Moksha right now is very helpful in getting, keeping our support for keeping our requests and keeping our needs in motion and in check. There's questions that come up, and we reach out to the support team and the project staff, uh, who get back to us really almost any time of the day. And it's really impressive. So, I'd like to thank the team greatly on behalf Gerent on a wonderful and excellent job they have done in this implementation and keeping our partnership and a relationship at a very positive level.

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How peopleHum helped Gerent go paperless

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October 25, 2021

A very inspiring list. Thanks for putting this together


October 25, 2021

This is such a great list of women leaders! More power to you all

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