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How peopleHum helped o9 solutions grow 3x in 2 years
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How peopleHum helped o9 solutions grow 3x in 2 years

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Sneha Moorthy
January 11, 2022
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Kanika Mendiratta - Manager - People Department


Computer Software


1000 - 5000

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Q: Could you introduce yourself?

Hi, I'm Kanika Mendiratta currently associated with o9 as a people manager. And we've been using, like I said, peopleHum for the past three years. So it has been a long journey that we have.

Q: How's your experience with peopleHum been?

It has been amazing. Trust me, peopleHum I have had worked with more than 10 different tools in, in all the 11 years that I've worked. But the responsiveness from peopleHum has been tremendous every time you say that we are having this trouble, they get on a call immediately and not everybody provides that. And o9 is known for its AI based platform, providing integrated business solutions and operation planning for our clients.

Q: Why did you choose peopleHum?

o9 is extremely driven by 360 degree feedback that people should receive. And we are located out of Dallas Korea, Japan Spain and Amsterdam. So we were looking for solution that maintains anonymity as well as provides the transparency and peopleHum has been very effective. Another thing that provides a synergy with o9 is that it's not just a plug and play. It helps us curate the kind of features that we want.

Q: What do you think sets apart peopleHum from others?

So with peopleHum we could customize it the way we wanted it, which I think a lot of models fail, I would say that's a big differentiator because they listen to the feedback, work on it and give us the final product.

Q: What's your opinion on our team's responsiveness and support?

We've had multiple tools that we used for internal, but peopleHum has been very effective in their support. Now again, we gave the feedback that we wanted, peopleHum to provide us in the OKR format. Apparently that's being worked on already and we have demo coming in the next two weeks. That's what I was talking about. It's extremely proactive. When you say something you wanted that work is already in progress. And that was feature that we requested six months back. It's already implemented.

Q: Which of peopleHum's features have been the most beneficial to you?

The other feature that we really liked was the suggestion feature because we want our employees to provide us with constant feedback, And peopleHum has a brilliant capability for the same where employees can provide feedback, the same can be allocated to the respective person in the organization. And not just that you can continue to be anonymous while providing a suggestion and not anonymous as well. So that's under the employees choose whether they want to be anonymous or not, which is a brilliant thing.

Another brilliant feature is that it shows the progress of the employee across the cycles, So we have done five cycles already using people help. And when we go and log in again, you see how the employee has improved or dig in performance in those five cycles. So that's a comparative thing, which is very amazing. Not every tool gives you that. We used a couple of other features as well, we are using the currently the goal setting, that is amazing. But the nurture feature, it allows everybody to recognize anyone else, rather than being a manager driven recognition, It's a strong peer to be recognition tool.

Q: How has peopleHum evolved over the years?

When we started using it, it was more like you know, there was a people manager which was more pitched. The other features have developed in balance. And if you keep your parameters constant, you can just see how, if those are values of the company or anything. We are trying to say that this is gonna be the glue. Let's let's do it.

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How peopleHum helped o9 solutions grow 3x in 2 years
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October 25, 2021

A very inspiring list. Thanks for putting this together


October 25, 2021

This is such a great list of women leaders! More power to you all