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May 2022 Product Updates: What's New at peopleHum?
Product Updates

May 2022 Product Updates: What's New at peopleHum?

Team pH
July 8, 2022

We are back again with our monthly product updates! This month, our product developers have introduced some awesome features and updates that make peopleHum more effective for your business, and we’re very delighted to present them. These updates are aimed at making HR easier and less strenuous. Here’s a quick glimpse of what’s new with peopleHum this May.

peopleHum's Monthly Product Updates: May Release

1. Custom attributes in applicant list

Using our custom attributes feature, you can organize applicants by adding or removing columns according to your needs and categorizing the applicants as required.


2. Personal relationship option in referral 

Refer someone you know personally using the "Know them personally" option from the drop down box in the ‘Referrals’ section.

3. Revise Offer approval workflow

If the applicant is in the offered/offer accepted stage and the recruiter wants to update the offer, the whole approval process will begin from the start, where the applicant goes to “Approval pending “> Approval accepted > offered > Offer accepted. 

4. Offer withdrawal  

When a candidate is in the offered stage, they can have one of two statuses depending on whether or not the offer letter has been shared with them.

  • Offered (when the offer letter was sent to an applicant)
  • Offer accepted (when the offer was accepted by the applicant)

But if for some reason you don't want to go ahead with the candidate after having offered him/her the position, then you now have the option to withdraw the offer. 

When a recruiter withdraws an offer, they also have the option to reject the application directly and send them a withdrawal email.


5. Drop out report 

The platform's drop-off report has been enhanced. You can now generate the drop off report on the basis of the reject/dropout date and according to the applications created on the platform  

Columns in the report will be:  

  • Applicant name -  
  • Email -  
  • Applied for - 
  • Current status: (this will capture the current status of the applicant in the given date range) (reject or dropout) 
  • Current stage: (Dropouts)  
  • Previous status: (this is the status applicant was in before moving to the current status) (offer accepted, screening awaited etc.) 
  • Previous stage - e.g. - Skill interviews, test etc. (defined in org settings) 
  • Average interview score -  
  • Recruiter tagged -  
  • Hiring manager tagged  
  • Rejected / Drop-out on -  
  • Date of application - 


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 6. Leave applicability  

We've switched to the applicability framework, which works with groups. This provides the ability to create leaves and distribute them to the appropriate individuals. The leave can be used to support options such as forming a group, distributing it to a few employees, or making it location specific.


7. Approval for salary change 

With this new feature when HR revises the salary, it will go for approval. Since there is no approval process setup by default, the HR can go to the advanced settings and set up one if required.  

When the history revision takes place the same approval process will be followed.  


 8. Dynamic Org Filter 

Unable to gain insights on how individuals / teams / business units / job functions are performing across a few key metrics, and more importantly no visual representation of them? 

peopleHum has now launched its most awaited feature of People Analytics where the HR would be able to define the metrics and filter all the employees in the organization on the basis of these metrics.  

You can go to the Analytics module and select the criterion for the metrics. Once applied you’ll be able to see the employees who satisfy the criteria.  

peopleHum supports three types of views for these results which include the List view, Hierarchical chart view, and organization network analytics view. 

List view

Hierarchical chart view

Organization network analytics view

9. Custom Leave Lapse 

Want to give a custom expiry to a set of leaves, now you can very well do it on peopleHum.  

While creating a leave category you can allow a custom leave expiry for the category. This expiry can be relative or absolute. 

How does it work

In Relative expiry, the leave will expire after a given number of days from the credit date.

Whereas in absolute expiry, leaves will expire on a specific date, where the user is allowed to select the last day of the month as well as a custom date. With this feature the user will have absolute freedom and can customize leaves according to his convenience. 


10.Task view for hierarchy 

As a manager, it’s very important that you keep track of the tasks which are related to your team members. In “Tasks”, every manager will be able to see a bucket named  “My reportees task”, where he’ll be able to see all the tasks assigned to his team members as well as the pending tasks. 

11. Resizing of columns 

We have added the ability to resize columns in all the tables of peopleHum. Just hover over the table and pull to resize the same.

12. Adding applicability in leave and holiday

You can now use the flexible group service while creating a holiday list or setting up a leave. Create a group that includes all of the fields in the employee profile, such as employment type, level, or any other custom field.

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May 2022 Product Updates: What's New at peopleHum?

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