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February 2022 Product Updates: What's new at peopleHum
Product Updates

February 2022 Product Updates: What's new at peopleHum

Team pH
February 23, 2022

We are happy to announce that peopleHum has added some of the most awaited features in this month. Here’s a short round up on what’s new at the Global Winner of Best HCM platform. Welcome to the newest version of our product updates, February 2022!

1) Goal Library

The goal library is a collection of goals that you can create and manage to streamline the faster goal-setting process. Managers and employees may use this feature to create consistent goals without having the need to ponder much upon random goals.


  • Save time by not having to create new goals if similar goals already exist.
  • Browse the goal library to replicate goals
  • Search for goals in the goal library using various filters to navigate them.
  • Goals can be created for specific teams

How to use:

Enter Perform > Goals > Goals Library > Manage Goals. One can complete the following tasks on the Perform Goal Library page:  

  1. Add goals to the library.  
  1. Edit goals in the library.  
  1. Use the Filter By icon to add search filter attributes to your search, such as Applicable For, Level and Status.
  1. Set the Goal Library Status (Active or Inactive)
  1. Delete a library goal that hasn't been utilised in a long time.

peopleHum Product Update February 2022

Note: An administrator can use these filter attributes to configure the library goal search in the ‘Filter-by’ option:

  • Search for Goal: Goal Name
  • Applicable For: Select > Everyone in the Organisation OR Team OR a specific Job Function
  • Level: Enter Level > 1 OR 2 OR 3 OR 4 OR SM L3
  • Status (of the goal): Inactive or Active

2) Bulk Upload of Salary

Since most compensation planning activities are done in bulk and at specific periods of the year, bulk upload remains a crucial feature. A majority of HR professionals were required to update employee salary using Excel or spreadsheets. To manually track, update and maintain every employee’s compensation & salary revision may become impossible even for a HRIS users. With peopleHum’s new feature update, employers now have the option to upload/update the salary of all employees in the organization within a few clicks.

How to use?

Perform the following steps to change your employees' salaries in bulk:

  1. Enter the Manage module > People > Update Salary
  1. To update the salaries of existing employees, start by obtaining the current employee report. Click on the Download option to access and download the current report.  
  1. Once you download, edit and remove the rows that are redundant, add new rows for new employees (if any) or change existing ones.
  1. Using the drag and drop-one area, upload the employee salary report file with the latest revisions.

peopleHum Product Update February 2022

3) 4-point scale

The 5-point scale holds 3 positive and 2 negative ratings. The five-point scale is heavily biased because a vast majority of employees will only choose the middle or neutral ground, not wanting to select an extreme rating. The sensitivity of smaller scales is relatively lower. And therefore, a 4-point rating system outperforms the 5-point rating scale

How to use?

  1. Enter the Perform module and click on ‘Feedback Template’
  1. Select the option ‘New template’ and select 4-point scale

peopleHum Product Update February 2022

4) Small wins

Progress is more easily visualised as a series of small, consistent steps. An employee may become disengaged by their slow progress if they focus on larger goals at the price of smaller wins. Celebrating small wins is a vital method to keep track of progress towards much larger organisational goals. Breaking projects down into smaller, more attainable goals can help with employee productivity by reducing a sense of overload.  

1. Calendar invitation to candidates

Candidate interview emails were first delivered as "standard email," not as a calendar invite. Candidates will now receive a meeting notification as a result of this feature, ensuring that they do not miss their scheduled interview.

2. Support for dropdown in user attribute

If you’re an admin, you can now create a user attribute with a drop-down menu of possibilities to choose from. For instance, the level of your education. This allows you to choose depending on whether you have a bachelor's degree, a master's degree, a doctorate, a postdoctoral fellowship, or anything else.  

3. Settlement type in resignation approval

peopleHum has now introduced a few alternatives for how the F&F settlement should be handled when an employee resigns, and the options are now aligned with most payroll standards when dealing with resignations.

5) Offer Approval

Requesting an offer approval

peopleHum's Offer Approval tool automates the approval process for firms with complex offer approval process. Simply add the people who must approve the offer extension to the screened candidates. Approval requests are delivered to each approver automatically, allowing hiring teams to focus on other duties while the approval process is in progress.


When you manage the offer letter approval process through emails and spreadsheets, you expose yourself up to human mistake and lags. peopleHum's offer feature can be used to:  

How to use?

  1. Entire Hire > Applicants > Select an applicant file from the applicants’ list > Offer Details
  1. Request approval and decide who will be the approvers. Quick Filters can be used to narrow the list down to only the most important information.  
  1. Make a comment.

When the first approver receives a request for approval, he or she accepts the offer. When an approval request is authorised, it is forwarded to the next approver, and so on.  

By selecting the Request Approval action, users with the relevant authorization can route offers for approval. When at least one person must approve an offer before it may be extended, this option is used. See Getting an Offer Approved for further information.

peopleHum Product Update February 2022

6) Brand new UI/UX

We improved the likelihood that you can experience and use our features by making our interface more discoverable. Benefit from heightened discoverability and intuitive features on your peopleHum homepage.

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February 2022 Product Updates: What's new at peopleHum

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October 25, 2021

A very inspiring list. Thanks for putting this together


October 25, 2021

This is such a great list of women leaders! More power to you all

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