MediaAgility is a premier global digital consultancy, committed to delivering exceptional services, being global, diverse, and inclusive and building a people-first company. We at peopleHum have been providing them our services for over a year and have done our best to help them keep up their values and commitments. 

This is a testimonial for peoplehum from MediaAgilty explaining how it has helped them. But before that, a small introduction to peopleHum. PeopleHum is an end to end, one-view, integrated Human Capital Management automation platform, the winner of the 2019 global Codie Award for HCM that is specifically built for crafted employee experiences and the future of work with automation and AI technologies. 

Let’s read what our customer had to say – 

  • Can you please introduce yourself and your company?
MediaAgility - Testimonial for PeopleHum

I am Pramiti Saxena, working as the People Operation Manager in MediaAgility for the last five years. MediaAgility is a premier global digital consultancy and a Google Cloud Premier Partner headquartered in Princeton, NJ. We have Google Partner Specializations in Infrastructure Services, Application Development, Data Analytics, Location-based services, Marketing Analytics, and Machine Intelligence. Our experts with 260+ Google Cloud certifications drive digital transformation to improve business agility, build innovative customer experiences, and prepare for the data-driven world.

  • What is your overall impression of peopleHum after using it for a year?

Peoplehum has really made a lot of difference in the way we operate. It has a lot of modules that were earlier not available to us in our old HRMS. Customizations and support is something that we truly thank peopleHum for.

  • What platform or process were you using before?

We were using bambooHR, US software.

  • Which features do you like the most in pH?

I really like the new home page. The nurture module is great, which helps in improving collaboration and productivity through 1on1s and feedback.

  • What’s different about peopleHum?

People behind peopleHum is the real contributing factor, we have ample support from the team and the USP is truly the people who manage peopleHum.

  • Has peopleHum helped in understanding your people org?

It has helped us in understanding our people org better through customizations on fields like assets and benefits.

  • Have you been provided adequate support to make adoption of peopleHum easy?

Absolutely! The team is doing a great job.

We are truly committed to giving the best customer experience. If you want to know more about peopleHum, and how it will help you, schedule a free demo here