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Top 10 hiring resources to help you hire better in 2023
Hiring and Recruitment

Top 10 hiring resources to help you hire better in 2023

Nirvi B
July 31, 2023

Many hiring newbies believe that all you have to do is publish a job opening online and wait for qualified people to apply. Unfortunately, hiring isn't as simple as it appears. Acquiring the top 10 hiring resources is crucial since the current climate favours job seekers, qualified candidates can be picky about where to apply.

So we decided to curate the top 10 hiring resources to help you hire in 2023, nurture and manage top-tier applicants for free. These top recruiting resources, articles, webinars and hiring tools can assist you in raising the standard bar on recruitment. Be sure of overcoming the top recruiting challenges after gaining values & insights from these top 10 hiring resources!

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Top 10 hiring resources in 2023: A look inside a recruiter’s toolkit

1. An exclusive bunch of recruitment metrics

‘I screen and interview candidates, schedule interviews, post jobs, send offer letters and contract negotiations. But I have been asked a few times about my metrics. I have NO IDEA what my metrics are or how to figure them out. Is this something that’s automated by an ATS system? Do you have to do the math? What areas are typically tracked?’

Although this top hiring resource smoothens the recruitment process, many recruiters go through a similar state of confusion and doubt when it comes to knowing hiring metrics. Just like the above words of a recruiter on Reddit. Look no more if you wish to understand and refer to recruitment metrics to track on the best hiring platform, all in one place.

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2. The most relevant recruitment guide of all time

What makes the recruitment process effective? This top recruiting resource quick guide aims to dig into what makes a recruitment process effective, how AI in hiring is leading the charge in recruitment software, and how even you can get started in building an effective recruitment process.

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3. A collection of practical interview questions

Have you heard about the expression “Rube Goldberg”? Lisa Bodell describes it as a “complicated machine that performs a very simple task.

“At work, many of us have known people who are the human equivalents of a Rube Goldberg machine: they complicate every assignment or task they touch.

Here’s your opportunity to discover a better chance of recruiting your next simplifier if you use the hiring questions below, rather than another complicator whose response to every problem is Rube Goldberg.

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4. The most desired weapon to combat the Great Resignation

How do you know if you’re retaining your employees well? Many recruitment thought leaders suggest measuring the attrition rate. A high attrition rate, for example, implies that your employees quit frequently, whilst a low rate indicates that you retain your employees for longer periods of time. But what’s better than having one of the top 10 hiring resources as a calculator at your fingertips to report attrition and employee retention strategies.

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5. The ultimate guide to modern-day text recruiting

The average email inbox has 199 unread messages. Don’t get lost in crowded inbox. Send mass text campaigns or 1:1 SMS messages to hear from passive and active candidates in minutes. Because candidates will reply to the texts faster no matter where they are.

Wish to optimize your recruiters’ time by engaging 4x more candidates 5x faster than email? Among these top recruiting resources, watch how text recruiting can turn potential candidates into new hires in this recruiting resources.

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6. The most engaging piece on inclusivity in the workplace

Inclusion in the workplace has long been a guiding principle for businesses. But creating an inclusive workplace is one of the most difficult tasks we face today. Debra Ruh talks to peopleHum on how to celebrate differences in the workplace and the need for global strategy inclusion for a better workplace. Check out this top hiring resource for 2023.

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7. 500+ free job descriptions templates

Creating excellent job descriptions is the first step in attracting top people. This top hiring resource will save you time and give you a head start on developing high-quality job posts, we've put together this collection of 500+ job description templates spanning numerous positions and sectors to encourage your next great hire to apply. This is possibly one of the best recruiting resources for hiring managers.

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8. The best advice on digital hiring tools for beginners

The talent marketplace is now like being in a knife fight. You have to compete on speed, compensation, brand, opportunity, and disregard your gut feeling in hiring. HR that shift their tactics with the changing technology and work smarter are the real winners. Find out in this top 10 hiring resources for 2023, a real-time walkthrough of how hiring has changed with a joint session from the team - peopleHum in conversation with the CEO of TalentIT Africa, Kwame Manu-Antwi.

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9. The most convenient guide on remote hiring

Pandemic or no pandemic, it’s apparent that remote work will continue in some form or another. With the rise of hybrid recruiting, remote hiring has therefore become an important part of a recruiter’s job description, and it is a completely different ballgame than hiring in-person.

Even if your current hiring process is the best thing since sliced bread, it won't cut it while hiring someone you’ve never met in person. And that’s why we've put together a guide to assist you in mastering the remote hiring process using the best hiring platform in this well written recruiting resources.

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10. The most engaging piece on diversity and retention in the workplace

And to conclude our list of top 10 hiring resources for 2023: Christy Pruitt-Haynes, in a conversation with peopleHum, talks about how you may establish a more culturally rich workforce with the help of technology. Creating a diversified company demands more than simply good intentions. She also speaks about the risk of losing talent in this era of great resignation and how retaining employees is the need of the hour! Watch the entire episode to know more.

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The path to recruitment success is not just about making the right hire but also helping them achieve their full potential. Finding the right candidate you've been looking for will be simplified when you utilize these top 10 hiring resources.

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Top 10 hiring resources to help you hire better in 2023

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