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122 Top CHROs in 2022 | peopleHum
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122 Top CHROs in 2022

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January 25, 2022
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How do you judge the success of a Chief Human Resources Officer? The answer’s simple - just look at how badly people want to work for their company.

Culture is the “It” factor that companies desperately want to possess because they have grown to understand that regardless of the business they are in, they will always be in the people business.

The CHRO is the among the chief architects of an organization’s culture, and the people recognized here have certainly played their part in the success of their enterprise.

peopleHum is delighted to recognize the Top ‘Ones’ of ’22!

Disclaimer: The list is purely subjective and is created on the basis of relevant experience and contribution of the selected professionals. If you have any suggestions or recommendations of names who deserve to be a part of the list, please reach out to us and nominate your choice.

How do you evaluate a chief human resources officer's success, and who qualifies for the 2022 Top CHRO List? This year's winners were chosen using the following methodology:

  • Interviews, conferences, recognition and recommendations by peers.  
  • Their influence on the growth and performance of the affiliated organisations.  
  • Their influence on their industry and the larger communities that they serve.  
  • An examination of the talent that they have assisted in attracting and retaining.
  • General and specific observations about the company culture they have helped to shape.
  • Diversity and inclusion are a cornerstone of their work, not an afterthought.  
  • Consideration of the progressive development plans and programmes that have been made available to the workforce.
  • Consideration of positive workplace dynamics, engagement, and satisfaction.
  • Those named to the Top 2022 CHRO List must be engaged, transparent, and accountable – in other words, they must care deeply about their employees and their holistic well-being.

While the above list is far from exhaustive, it does begin to paint a picture of the critical roles that CHROs play in the success of any business. The words leadership, team, succession, purpose, culture, governance, and diversity are not just buzzwords on the 2022 Top CHRO List; they represent who a CHRO is, what they believe, and where they work every day.

122 Top CHROs in 2022

Kathleen Hogan

Kathleen Hogan is the Chef People Officer at Microsoft, of which she has been a part of for nearly two decades. Her mission is to empower the company’s 175,000+ global employees achieve its mission, create a culture that attracts & inspires the most passionate talent, and create a more diverse, inclusive environment where everyone can learn and thrive.  

Katarina Berg

Katarina Berg joined Spotify as Chief Human Resources Officer in 2001. She is responsible for the firm's worldwide HR, Strategy Operations, and Workplace Solutions departments, as well as the creation and execution of the company's people strategy during its transition from start-up to mature international corporation.

Beth Galetti

Beth Galetti is the Senior Vice President of People eXperience and Technology at Amazon since 2016. She oversees the recruitment, growth, development, and support of more than 560,000 employees in nearly 50 countries. She is Amazon's highest-ranking female executive and the only woman on the 18-person "S-Team," which reports directly to CEO Jeff Bezos.  

Pavitra Singh

Pavitra Singh is the Chief Human Resources Officer at PepsiCo since October 2019, emerging from various role at the organisation for almost 16 years. She is a seasoned HR professional with a rich experience in organisational culture and design, talent acquisition, diversity and inclusion, and employer branding.  

Teuila Hanson

Teuila Hanson is LinkedIn's Senior Vice President and Chief People Officer. She oversees the team in charge of acquiring, developing, and retaining top talent, as well as all benefits, employee experience, and Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging programmes. Teuila is also a member of the California Bar, having earned her juris doctorate.  

Nicle LaMoreaux

Nicle LaMoreaux is the Senior Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer at IBM. She leads the organisation’s people strategy, skills, employee experience and global HR team, supporting over 350,000 employees across 170 countries.  

Lynne Oldham

Lynne Oldham is the Chief People Officer at Zoom and has a wealth of expertise in leading transformational HR strategies and directing a wide range of local and global activities. She is an effective talent developer with a flair for developing leaders, organisational culture corporate bench strength, employee morale, internal communication, recruiting strategy, and D&I efforts.

Peter Fasolo

Peter Fasolo is the Executive Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer at Johnson & Johnson and is in charge of global talent, recruiting, diversity and inclusion, compensation, and benefits. Peter has over 25 years of worldwide healthcare experience, including 13 years with Bristol-Myers Squibb in executive human resource roles in the pharmaceutical, medical device, and consumer sectors.  

Stacy Green

Stacy Green is the EVP & Chief People Officer, leading worldwide People & Organization (Human Resources) for Sony Pictures Entertainment. She is a transformational operations leader focused on fostering cultures that attract and retain exceptional talent.  

Lisa Chang

Lisa Chang is Global Chief People Officer at The Coca-Cola Company since 2019. She is in charge of the company's talent and people initiatives, culture, and efforts in diversity, equity, and inclusion, and is also responsible for directing the company's global people strategy.  

Heidi Capozzi

Heidi Capozzi, McDonald's Executive Vice President and Global Chief People Officer, is in charge of the company's global human resources operations. She is responsible for the company’s Corporate Employee Relations, Diversity and Inclusion, Total Rewards, and Talent Management, among other things, in this position.  

Donna Morris

Donna Morris is Walmart Inc.'s Executive Vice President and Chief People Office. She is a member of the executive committee and is in charge of attracting, retaining, and developing talent. Donna was previously the Executive VP of employee experience and CHRO at Adobe where she served for approximately 18 years.  

Melissa Kremer

Melissa Kremer is the Executive Vice President and CHRO at Target and a member for its executive leadership team. She leads the overall HR functions such as recruitment, development, diversity and inclusion, engagement and total rewards for the organisation’s global team of 350,000 members.  

Katie Burke

Katie Burke is the Chief People Officer of HubSpot, where she oversees the teams in charge of providing an exceptional and inclusive applicant and employee experience. HubSpot has been recognised the #1 Best Place to Work by Glassdoor, the #1 Best Place to Work for Women by Comparably, and a Best Place to Work for Parents by Fortune during her time driving people initiatives at the firm.

Brent Hyder

Brent Hyder is in charge of Salesforce's overall people strategy and all areas of Employee Success, including the company's Equality programmes, equal pay assessments, workforce planning, and talent experience. His team is dedicated to hiring and engaging tens of thousands of workers throughout the world, and is on the front lines of developing Salesforce's award-winning culture.

Michael D'Ambrose

Michael D’Ambrose is the CHRO and Vice President of HR at Boeing. He is in charge of the company's leadership, talent planning, employee relations, incentives, and D&I initiatives. He also supervises Enterprise Services, which encompasses security & fire protection, asset management, global real estate, internal supply chain, environment, health and safety, and transportation, warehousing, and logistics.

Pat Wadors

Pat Wadors is the first ever Chief People Officer of Procore Technolgies, a digital workflow company. She was previously the Chief Human Resources Officer at ServiceCharge and prior to that, she was the Senior Vice President, Global Talent Organisation at LinkedIn, responsible for recruiting talent, organisational transformation and engagement.  

Christy Pambianchi

Christy Pambianchi is the Executive Vice President and Chief People Officer at Intel Corporation and holds over thirty years of experience as an HR leader. She serves on the boards of the National Academy of Human Resources Foundation, the Center for Advanced Human Resource Studies at Cornell University for the School of Industrial and Labor Relations, the HR Policy Association, and other prestigious institutions.  

Francine Katsoudas

Francine Katsoudas is the  Executive Vice President and Chief People, Policy, and Purpose Officer at Cisco. As the leader of the People, Policy, and Purpose Organization, he heads an ecosystem that includes People & Communities, Corporate Affairs, Workplace Resources, and Government Affairs & Country Digital Acceleration.  

Lauren Tate

Lauren Tate is the Chief Human Resources Officer, Americas at AXA XL, a division of AXA, and possesses in global, fast-paced, and diversified industries. She is well-regarded as a strategic HR Business Partner and global leader with a proven track record of delivering high performance results in areas of talent management, leadership & organizational development, employee labour relations, and more.  

Christine Deputy

Christine Deputy joined Pinterest as a Chief People Officer with more than three decades of experience in the HR domain. She is in charge of all areas of the company's HR strategy, including talent management, leadership development, compensation and benefits, and assisting with the fulfilment of commitments to improve the workplace culture.

Rich Jacquet

Rich Jacquet is Coursera's Chief People Officer since January 2019. He is seasoned HR leaders who works closely with the authorities to connect company's larger strategy to their personnel efforts and employee experiences. He was previously the Chief People Officer at Gigamon.  

Gloria T. Chen

Gloria T. Chen is the Chief People Officer and EVP of Employee Experience at Adobe, has over 20 years of experience within the organization, and leads all aspects of HR, real estate and security operations globally for Adobe. She is charged with creating an exceptional employee experience for more than 22,000 employees acrosss 75 locations around the globe.  

Matthew Breitfelder

Matthew Breitfelder is the Global Head of Human Capital and Senior Partner of Apollo Global Management. He is in charge of ensuring the alignment of all human capital projects and the company's strategic goals. He oversees talent management, leadership development, diversity and inclusion, learning, performance management, compensation and benefits, and recruitment.  

Christine Rogers-Raetsch

Christine Raetsch is the Chief People Officer of Duolingo, and is responsible for the company's HR and people operations. She worked at Vanguard in a range of leadership roles before joining Duolingo, most recently as the Global Head of Culture and Inclusion.  

Anne Pearce

Anne Pearce is the CHRO and Global Vice President of Human Resources at Shell with twenty years of leadership experience. Her expertise lies in pioneering global change through ambitious HR transformations, digital transformation, quality improvements in HR operations, while being a leader who fosters performance, accountability and engagement from multi-disciplinary, global HR teams.

Darren Burton

Darren Burton is the Chief Human Resources Officer at KPMG and collaborates closely with firm’s executive teams to grow and strengthen the firm's culture.. He holds more than 20 years of experience in directing HR programmes and strategies for employee-focused firms, with a track record of success in areas such as talent management, employee engagement, and performance development.

Saurabh Govil

Saurabh Govil is the Chief Human Resources Officer at Wipro and a member of the Management Team. He oversees all HR responsibilities of Wipro, including talent acquisition, engagement, and learning & development. Since joining Wipro in May 2009, he has played a key role in the company's transformation.

Ewan Clarkson

Ewan Clarkson is the Chief People Officer at PwC Mainland China and Hong Kong, with over two decades of experience as an HR professional within the organization. Ewan focuses on enabling business strategy and driving competitive advantage through people with a relentless focus on transformation and change to deliver premium business results.

Ellyn J. Shook

Ellyn Shook is the Chief Leadership and Human Resources Officer at Accenture, and is in charge of helping the company's 537,000 employees flourish both professionally and personally. She is a member of the Global Management Committee at Accenture, and she is a passionate advocate for diversity and equality.

Issa Eid

Issa Eid is the VP of People in the Cloud and Networking Services division at Nokia, and has accrued over 18 years of experience in Human Resources Leadership. He is currently situated in the UAE and is a versatile HR executive with management experience of operating in the US, Europe, Middle East and Africa.  

Beth Simonetti

Beth Simonetti is the Chief Human Resources Officer at TD SYNNEX. She is in charge of global Human Resources, including talent management, HRIS, diversity and inclusion, compensation and benefits, as well as regional and corporate strategic HR business partners.  

Annette Martinez

Annette Martinez is the Senior Vice President at State Farm. She oversees D&I, philanthropy, human resources, enterprise change management, public relations, and learning and development. She has established State Farm's first diversity and inclusion office, as well as its diversity council and affinity group programme.  

Cheryl Johnson

Cheryl Johnson is the Chief Human Resources Officer at Paylocity since 2018 and oversees the HR function, culture, and employment brand strategy. She has more than 20 years of progressive HR experience with a strong focus on shaping culture and scaling strategies for high-growth firms.  

Carol Surface

Carol Surface is the Chief Human Resources Officer at Medtronic since 2013. She is in charge of Medtronic's global human resources strategy, which includes 90,000+ people. She also leads Philanthropy and Medtronic Labs, and is the Chair of the Medtronic Foundation's Board of Directors.  

Mona Malone

Mona Malone is the Chief Human Resources Officer and Head People and Culture at BMO Financial Group. She oversees and directs the organisation’s efforts to fuel growth strategy as a member of the bank's Executive Committee, and is also responsible for BMO's People & Culture strategy.

Elcio Barcelos

Elcio Barcelos is U.S. Bancorp's Senior Executive Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer. Mr. Barcelos has been in this role since September 2020 and advises senior management on all human capital issues and establishes the HR agenda to achieve strategic goals and objectives.  

Jacqui Canney

Jacqui Canney is the Chief People Officer at ServiceNow, a digital workflow firm dedicated to making people's lives easier at work. Jacqui joined ServiceNow in September 2021 and is responsible for all talent strategies for the company's 14,000-strong global workforce.

Jennifer Weber

Jennifer Weber is a member of ADM's Executive Council and senior vice president and chief human resources officer. She is responsible for all human resources functions for ADM's global workforce of over 38,000 people, as well as the company's global diversity and inclusion initiatives.  

Lucy Hur

Lucy Hur is the Chief People Officer at Slalom since 2019. Prior to that, she spent 13 years at Microsoft, where she was responsible for Human Resources for a portfolio of Microsoft businesses, including advertising and online, marketing, consumer, and enterprise.  

Frank Lopez

Frank Lopez is the company's executive vice president and chief human resources officer. He is a seasoned HR executive who has a proven track record of establishing high-performing teams and engaging with company executives to design talent strategies that promote business success in fast-paced situations.  

Karen Richard

Karen Richard is the Senior Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer at the Andersen Corporation. She has a flair for attracting top talent, assisting them in broadening their horizons, implementing programmes to improve diversity within the organisation, as well as encouraging staff to consider career development.

Kamy Scarlett

Kamy Scarlett is the Chief Human Resources Officer Best Buy Co. Inc.'s and is also the Executive Vice President of Best Buy Canada. She is responsible for global talent development as well as the health and well-being of the company, and has led the execution and management of all domestic locations of the organisation.

Stuart Thomson

Stuart Thomson joined Kerzner International in 2016 and is currently its Executive Vice President, Global Human Resources. He is known for the continued development of the company as an employer of choice and also oversees global recruitment to support its strategic expansion and to refine frameworks to ensure future adaptability.

Pradyumna Pandey

Pradyumna Pandey is the Chief Human Resource Officer of Mother Diary and HRM expert with over 30 years of experience. He is responsible for articulating HR plans, organisational capability building, people development, performance management, employee communication, policy development, legal compliances, and industrial relations, with a focus on nurturing, shaping, and sustaining the overall cultural strategy.

Sean Woodroffe

Sean Woodroffe is the Senior Executive Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer at TIAA. He is in charge of the organisation’s global human resources strategy and execution, compensation and benefits, talent acquisition, organisational design and effectiveness, as well as D&I. He is also in charge of internal communications tactics, aimed engaging the company's 15,000 employees.  

Stan Duncan

Stan Duncan is the Chief People Officer at Conde Nast global and was formely the CHRO at Raymond James. He oversees all HR practices, talent acquisition and development, D&I, HR technology, workforce planning, and strategic business partnering. Duncan is also regarded as a visionary human resources leader who develops organisational capabilities and drives corporate innovation.

Matt Smith

Matt Smith is the Chief People Officer at Ampere with over 30 years of HR, employment, and labour law expertise. He held various global leadership and executive positions and was previously the global CHRO of Intel Corporation.  

Brigette Da Gama

Brigitte Da Gama is the Executive Director Human Capital at McDonalds and is currently in charge of payroll, benefits and compensation. She is a seasoned human resources expert with a diverse background ranging from banking and information technology to asset management and tertiary education.  

Eshwin Booysen

Eshwin Booysen is the Chief Human Resources Officer at In2Food since 2018. He was the head of human resources at Vedanta Zinc International before joining In2Food. He is a seasoned HR specialist with international experience and has previously spent three years at Anglo American as an organisational effectiveness and transformation specialist.

Candice Watson

Candice Watson joined AECI in 2020 as the Group Human Capital Executive. She is a seasoned Human Capital leader with experience in a variety of industries, including FMCG, logistics, financial services, and information technology. She was in charge of reinventing the company as an employer of choice through a variety of initiatives.  

Minakshi Arora Prasad

Minakshi Arora Prasad is the Chief Human Resources Officer at Trident Group India who is leading a team of 100+ members and managing a workforce of 15,000+ members. An chartered accountant by profession, she now specialises in Organization and Culture Development, Leadership Recruitment, Strong Believer in Diversity, Equity & Inclusions Strategy, and Execution Perspective.  

Kevin Freitas

Kevin Freitas is the Chief Human Resources Officer of Dream11, an Indian fantasy sport gaming firm. He is a seasoned professional with over a decade of experience working in areas such as business, consulting, and human resources. As part of his job responsibilities, he also oversaw specialised functions such as organisational culture and transformation, engagement, recruitment, and employer branding.

Melissa Howell

Melissa Howell is the Senior Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer at Kellogg since June 2016. She is also a member of Kellogg Company’s executive committee and has previously spent 24 years at General Motors as a CHRO, overseeing a global team of 2,800 Human Resources experts.  

Antoinette Handler

Antoinette Handler is the Head of Human Resources for AWS Professional Services at Amazon. She has been regarded as a highly strategic HR leader, a trusted advisor, and a partner to C-Suite executives within Fortune 50 organizations, where she collaborates on challenging and global business objectives.  

Natalie Rothman

Natalie Rothman is the Executive Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer at Advance Auto Parts. As a member of the organization’s turnaround team, she is focused towards rebuilding the C-Suite leadership team and recruiting top talent to leadership positions.  

Jim Link

Jim Link is the Chief Human Resources Officer at Randstad and has over thirty years of experience as a leader in the HR profession. He is a nationally recognized business leader who specializes in building award-winning, equitable business cultures while also helping organizations generate revenue and profit.  

Vincent Lim

Vincent Lim is the Chief People Officer at Hinge Health and has amassed over ten years of experience as an HR professional. His expertise lies in scaling high performing teams, building capabilities and culture, and increasing operational effectiveness in companies ranging from venture backed startups to the Fortune 50.  

Robert Gama

Robert is the Senior Vice President and Chief Human Resources at AMD. He is a proven results-oriented leader with a demonstrated ability of understanding and integrating critical business needs with progressive and strategic HR strategies.  

Fernando Casadevall

Fernando Casadevall is the Chief Human Resources Officer at World Fuel Services, and has more than 25 years of progressive experience in managing and leading HR functions. His work portfolio spans industries in the financial services, consumer products, and retail organizations.

Aniruddha Singh

Aniruddha Singh is the Managing Partner at Future Lista Consulting Partners and was formerly the CHRO and COE at The Hitech Gears. He has over 25 years of experience as an HR leader, and with his current role he is on a mission to unleash the brain power of organizations and build future ready organizations that generate intellectual capital.

Vivek Mukherjee

Vivek Mukherjee is the Head of HR, IR, L&D and Administration at Benetton India Pvt Ltd. with over 15 years of experience as an HR professional. His expertise lies in Talent Acquisition, Leadership Development, Change Management, and other critical HR functions.  

Yuri Kruman

Yuri Kruman is the CEO of HR, Talent & Systems, and the CHRO of HealthFlex Home Health & Hospice. He is an award-winning CHRO and a top-rated C-Suite Coach for Fortune 500 companies on HR, Compliance, Risk and Project Management.

Francine Katsoudas

Francine Katsoudas is the Executive Vice President and Chief People, Policy & Purpose Officer at Cisco, and has served at as an HR professional at the firm for over 17 years. By bringing together its people leaders, policy leaders, and corporate social responsibility leaders, Cisco aligns to create an ecosystem situated to execute its purpose to Power an Inclusive Future for All, and ensure that the work they do is in service to its people, business, and the world.  

Jory Berson

Jory Berson is the Chief Human Resources Officer at Capital One. His career spans three decades, 13 of which were dedicated to the HR function at Capital One. In tandem with the CEO and other business leaders, he works to develop enterprise business strategies that translates into global workforce requirements.  

Kit Herrera

Kit Herrera is the Senior Vice President of Human Resources at Discover Inc’s HR team, a position she has held for nearly four years while being a part of the organization for 14 years. She is a seasoned HR professional and an important member of Discover Communications’ leadership.  

Jeffrey Robinson

Jeffrey Robinson is the Chief Human Resources Officer at One Inc. He is a senior HR executive responsible for developing and executing HR strategy in support of the overall business plan and direction of the organization, specifically in the areas of succession planning, talent management, change management, organizational and performance management, and other key HR functions.  

Steve Cadigan

Steve Cadigan is the proclaimed Talent Hacker & Advisor at Cadigan Talent Ventures. He is a teacher, an author, a multi-board member. Steve works with individuals and organizations to forge dynamic and compelling talent solutions for today’s digital reality.

Judy Zagorski

Judy Zagorski is the Chief Human Resources Officer at UGI Corporation's since September 2020. She is a seasoned HR executive with more than 25 years of Human Resources experience in HR transformation, change and talent management, communications, and success in D&I projects in a variety of industries.

Christine Baranowski

Christine Baranowski is the Co-founder, Executive Vice President and CHRO at Encore Leadership Advisors. She has led teams of over 200 human resources specialists with over 40,000 employees and has extensive HR expertise in a variety of industries, including wealth management, technology, insurance, banking, event management, e-commerce, telecommunications, consumer products, non-profit, retail, and professional services.  

Kristen Ludgate

Kristen Ludgate is the Chief People Officer at HP Inc and is also the member of HP Foundation. She oversees the company’s talent and culture strategy as well as its global HR function, workforce & organisational effectiveness, compensation and benefits talent acquisition, people development, DEI and employee experience.  

Kim Briones

Kim Briones is the Chief Human Resources at Berkshire Hathway Speciality Insurance and has worked in the financial services industry's human resources department since 1989. She has held a variety of prominent positions leading and managing global human resource teams before joining BHSI.  

Temi Dalley

Temi Dalley is the Chief Human Resources Officer at Sterling Bank Plc and has nearly two decades of experience in the HR domain. She is a seasoned HR professional with core expertise in strategic leadership, people management, business acumen, and transformational change.  

Leah Stark

Leah Stark is the Executive Vice President and CHRO at Anthem Inc, and is responsible for improving talent and performance for more than 64,000 employees. She is in charge of human capital strategy, talent management, L&D, HR systems, diversity and inclusion, employee relations and security.  

Esther Akinnukawe

Esther Akinnukawe is the Chief Human Resources Officer at MTN Nigeria Communications PLC, a multinational telecommunications brand. She is in charge of driving employee experience and strategic business goals, and holds a background in HRM with over 26 years of experience in consulting, banking, education and telecommunications.  

Rhonda Morris

Rhonda Morris is the Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer at the Chevron Corporation since 2016. She is responsible for the organisation’s human resources, employee assistance, ombuds, and diversity& inclusion, and also serves on the company’s executive committee.  

Tracey Grabowski

Tracey Grabowski is the Chief Human Resources Officer at the Procter and Gamble. She is responsible for attracting and developing talent, implementing strategies in support of the organisation’s business goals and harnessing the company’s model to speed up cultural transformation and contribution of P&G’s employees across 70 countries.  

Gianna Driver

Gianna Driver is the Chief Human Resources Officer at Exabeam, and is responsible for architecting the company’s talent strategy, driving corporate culture and diversity and inclusion (D&E) initiatives and leading the global HR function. She also oversees processes related to developing and retaining top talent.

Sheri Bronstein

Sheri Bronstein is a member of Bank of America's executive management team and the company's CHRO. She oversees a global team of human resources specialists in more than 35 countries and focuses on rewarding achievements, providing learning opportunity to employees, and supporting employees' physical, emotional, and financial wellness.

Marissa Andrada

Marissa Andrada became the first Chief People Officer at Chipotle Mexican Grill in April 2018. Her projects include driving a diversity strategy across all levels of the firm and promoting a culture of well-being to stimulate mutual learning, development, personal and career advancement.  

Arnnon Geshuri

Arnnon Geshuri is the Chief People Officer of Teladoc Health and is Teladoc in charge of supervising overall HR responsibilities like talent acquisition, L&D, benefits & compensation, and DEI. He was the former vice president of Human Resources at Tesla, where he led the business's transformation from a 400-person start-up to a global sustainable energy organisation with over 35,000 workers.

Armaan Seth

Armaan Seth is the Head of Human Resources, Asia Pacific Region at Syngeta. He is an experienced HR leader with over 15 years in the professional field. His career spans across multiple industries, like Agriculture, Medical devices, Consumer durables and FMCG, and across diverse markets including Switzerland, Singapore, Netherlands, US and India.  

Mukta Arya

Mukta Arya is the Regional Head of Human Resources (Asia-Pacific) at Société Générale. She is an executive with over 24 years of experience positioning HR as a Business Partner for excellence in multiple industries and different markets in Asia, and is passionate about creating effective and innovative HR solutions for companies globally.

Sharon Cheng

Sharon Cheng is the Group Chief People Officer at Tricor Group. Sharon has amassed over three decades of Human Resources expertise that she now channels into talent management, change management, performance management, compensation, and employee culture and morale.  

Jeffrey Stoicheff

Jeffrey Stoicheff is the Senior Vice President of Human Resources at Penske Logistics with nearly three decades of experience in the profession as well as the organization. He is a professionally skilled in Talent Management, Operations Management, Business Process Improvement, Organizational Development, and Recruiting.

Alok Jha

Alok Jha is the Regional Director and Head HR Asia Pacific at MNC Singapore. He oversees all worldwide HR strategic and corporate activities, and is responsible for designing HR strategies while focusing on people's growth and development across all levels of the organisation.  

Cordelia Abreu

Cordelia Abreu is the Senior Vice President of Human Resources Americas at DHL Express and has over 20 years of experience as an HR leader in the organization. Cordelia oversees HR initiatives for the US, Canada, the Caribbean and Central and South America. Her role in transforming HR and influencing change with motivated and empowered employees has enabled significant growth at DHL Express.  

Anne Lebel

Anne Lebel is the Group CHRO for Capgemini and has over 25 years of expertise as a leader in the HR profession. Her specialities lie in organizational design, talent management, mergers and integration, and change management.

Mary Bilbrey

Mary Bilbrey is the Global CHRO at JLL. Her career as a leader and HR professional spans four decades, several countries, and COEs. She currently leads a team of professionals that deliver thought partnership, problem-solving, and tactical support to help drive JLL’s business goals and priorities.

Cheryl Lloyd

Cheryl Lloyd is the Vice president of Systemwide Human Resources at the University of California Office of the President. She is an executive with more than 20 years of professional working experience in business operations, Human Resources, enterprise risk management, and is an ambassador for change management.  

Susan J. Schmitt Winchester

Susan J. Schmitt Winchester is the Senior Vice President and Chief Huma Resource Officer at Applied Materials. She has spent of 25 years creating value for organizations in a variety of industries by clarifying corporate strategy to align everyone, building leadership capability, assessing and developing talent and advocating a corporate culture of inclusion and alignment where every individual can contribute their best.

Sung Hae K.  

Sung Hae K. is the Chief People Person and Consultant at Rippleworks. Her career spans over 25 years during which she has dedicated her job to people strategy & operations, culture, leadership development, teamwork, employee engagement, talent acquisition, and learning & growth.

Monique Herena

Monique Herena is Chief Colleague Experience Officer at American Express and is responsible for all aspects of the colleague experience, including talent management, leadership development and compensation and benefits. Monique leads all colleague experience functions globally and is also a part of the organisation’s executive committee.  

Ola Snow

Ola Snow is the chief human resources officer at Cardinal Health and oversees the company’s Human Resources, Environmental Health and Safety, Security, Real Estate, Facilities, and Aviation. She formerly served as Cardinal Health's chief diversity officer, overseeing Talent Management, Total Rewards, Talent Acquisition, D&I, and Corporate HR Business Partners.

Sofia Merlo

Sofia Merlo is the Head of Group Human Resources at BNP Paribas, and has been appointed to the BNP Paribas Executive Committee. She is also a member of the BNP Paribas Fortis Board of Directors, the BMCI Board of Directors in Morocco, and the BNP Paribas Polska Board of Directors in Poland.

Paul Marchand

Paul Marchand is the Executive Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer at Charter Communications since 2015. He is in charge of over 96,000 employees' HR strategy, policies, and practises and all elements of human resources, including recruitment, training and development, payroll, HR systems, as well as compensation and benefits.

Sergio Ezama

Sergio Ezama is the Chief Talent Officer of Netflix since September 2021, and heads human resources, recruiting, culture, and coaching. He formerly worked at PepsiCo as the Global Chief Talent Officer and Chief Human Resources Officer for global functions and groups. In this job, and oversaw the company's activities in more than 200 countries across all talent-related domains.  

Robin Leopold

Robin Leopold is a member of JPMorgan Chase's Operating Committee and an Executive Vice President and Head of Human Resources. She held a number of leadership positions in HR prior to taking on this role in January 2018 and has experience in a range of areas, including recruitment, compensation, employee relations, and generalist functions supporting numerous business lines.  

Sara Wechter

Sara Wechter is the Head of Human Resources at Citi, and is in charge of recruiting, diversity, global learning, talent development, benefits, compensation, and employee relations. She has championed pay-equity measures by making Citi one of the first firms to reveal raw pay gap data for women and minorities in 2019 and annually since then.

Beatrice Guillaume-Grabisch

Béatrice Guillaume-Grabisch is the Executive Vice President & Global Head Human Resources & Business Services of Nestlé. She was the former CEO of Nestlé Germany AG and also held several senior positions with Colgate, Beiersdorf, Johnson & Johnson, and L'Oréal in France and Germany. She is also a member of the Nestlé Group Executive Board.

Tracey Keogh

Tracy Keogh is the Chief People Officer and a Growth Partner at Great Hill Partners, a private equity firm that invests in high-growth companies. She is a seasoned HR executive with over 20 years of experience, and is responsible for directing all people-focused and HR projects, as well as supporting strategic talent initiatives throughout the firm's portfolio.  


Karima Silvent

Karima Silvent is the Chief Human Resources Officer of AXA Group since 2017, and is also the member of the AXA Management Committee. She is responsible for workforce transformation, culture, employer branding, and recruiting, as well as talent and executive career management, who was first joined as a Global HR Business Partner.  

David Henderson

David Henderson is the Chief Human Resources Officer of Zurich Insurance Group since January 2017, and is in charge of coordinating HR strategy to support the company's transformation, with an emphasis on employee experience as well as matching the company's capacity, commitment, and culture to its strategic vision, mission, and values.

Mandell Crawley

Mandell Crawley is the Chief Human Resources Officer of Morgan Stanley, serving the firm for over 30 years. He is responsible for the company's human capital strategy and talent agenda, i.e., attracting, engaging, and maintaining a diverse employee base. He is also in charge of compensation and benefits, inclusion & belonging, health & wellness programmes, and personal and professional talent development.  

Kathleen Pearson

Kathleen Pearson is the Chief Human Resources Officer at Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman LLP, where’s she has worked as an HR leader for over 10 years. She is an innovative builder who believes that blending empathy with strategy is the key to helping organizations navigate today’s uncertain waters and building resilient teams and a lasting culture.  

Heidi Gray

Heidi Gray is the Executive Vice President and Head of People at Ketchum, Strategic Advisor at Bonfire, and the founding member of Chief. She has garnered over two decades of experience as a progressive HR professional, and her areas of strength include organizational design, talent acquisition/talent development, scaling high growth sectors, M & A integration, business partnerships, change management, and total rewards.  

Rashmi Gupta

Rashmi Gupta is the Chief Human Resources Officer at PRO Unlimited. She is passionate about building and executing people strategies that help grow the business while growing people. As the leader of a dynamic and multifaceted global HR team, her goals are to build talent while supporting the engagement and productivity of its people through organic and inorganic growth.  

Amy Reichanadter

Amy Reichanadter is the Chief People Officer at Databricks and has over two decades of experience as an HR leader and professional. Her key areas of expertise include talent acquisition, management consulting, cross-functional team leadership, and major key operational skills.  

Shannon Brown

Shannon Brown is the Senior VP of Human Resources at FedEx, a post he has held for over four decades. He is focused, detail oriented, and effective HR executive, and his areas of expertise include succession planning, performance management, operations management, change management, and many critical HR functions.  

Trishana Maharaj

Trishana Maharaj is the Chief Human Resource Officer for Africa & Middle East Region at G4S. She has been an HR leader and professional for nearly two decades, was the recipient of the Young Chief HR Officer of the Year Award (South Africa) for 2019. Her chief areas of expertise include talent management, personnel management, and performance management.  

Emmanuel Michael

Emmanuel Michael is the Head of People & Culture – Nigeria at Letshego MFB and Founder and Host of #HRwithEM. He is also a Certified Leadership and Career Success Coach with over 20 years of managerial experience. He is currently one of the most influential HR leaders found globally.

Yemi Faseun

Yemi Faseun is the Chief Talent Officer at YF Talent Partners, and a Member of the Technical Advisory Board at the Institute for Work & Family Integration. He is a business leader with 30 years of multi-sector, multi-function experience. As the Chief Talent Officer, he works with clients to drive their people and talent transformation agenda.  

Taiwo ‘Dayo-Abatan

Taiwo ‘Dayo-Abatan is the Group Head of Human Capital and Corporate Services at Primera Africa Finance Group. She is a trained career coach, people management leader, and globally licensed HR practitioner with over 20 years of core HR experience. Her personal commitment is to, “Build the Next Generation of HR and Business Leaders.”

David Ayodeji J.

David Ayodeji J. is the Co-founder, CIO/Group HR at Errand360. He is an experienced HR with 8+ years in people, marketing, operations, and corporate strategy. Project management, strategic planning, public relations, and business development are among his strongest suits.  

Lynanne Kunkel

Lynanne Kunkel is the Chief Human Resources Officer at Vail Resorts. She is a business-oriented HR leader with a deep passion and experience in designing & implementing HR and organizational strategy & processes in order to deliver step-change in business performance that results in sustainable business outcomes.

Deborah DeVerna

Deborah DeVerna is the Chief Human Resources Officer at Qontigo. She is an accomplished and business focused Human Resources executive with strong track record of partnering with global leadership teams to improve business and individual performance.  

Darrell Ford

Darrel Ford is the Executive Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer at UPS. He has garnered over 25 years of experience as an HR leader, and is currently involved for Human Resources Strategy and Operations for UPS.

Fiona C. Laird

Fiona C. Laird is the Chief Human Resources & Communications Officer at Marathon Petroleum Corporation. Her career as an HR professional spans one three decades. Apart from key HR functions, Fiona specialises in corporate communications, media relations, legislative and government affairs, corporate responsibility, and corporate reputation management.

Kate Gebo

Kate Gebo is the Executive Vice President of Human Resources and Labour Relations at United Airlines, where she has served as an HR leader and professional for over two decades. Her expertise lies in strategic sourcing, operations management, outsourcing, and other key HR operations

Kiersten Robinson

Kiersten Robinson is the Chief People and Employee Experience Officer at Ford Motor Company, where she’s served under various HR leadership roles for over 24 years. Her expertise lies in organizational development, leadership development, talent acquisition, and numerous other key HR functions.

Mary Kaul-Hottinger

Mary Kaul-Hottinger is the Chief Human Resources Officer at CHS Inc. with 27 years of experience as a leader in HR. Mary is an exceptional leader and possesses the unique ability to recognize and match talent to opportunity, in the process helping businesses achieve results that are better and sustainable.

Cynthia Ryan  

Cynthia Ryan is the Executive Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer at Cigna. She served the firm for 23 years in various capacities, most recently as SVP and Human Resources Officer for Cigna's U.S. Businesses. She is in charge of accelerating corporate growth through personnel management techniques, employee engagement, and leadership effectiveness in this position.

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October 25, 2021

A very inspiring list. Thanks for putting this together


October 25, 2021

This is such a great list of women leaders! More power to you all