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Top 6 Human Resource (HR) Software in Malaysia in 2022
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Top 6 Human Resource (HR) Software in Malaysia in 2022

Team pH
November 10, 2022

You’re a small business owner in Malaysia. You spend waaay too much time every month hiring candidates, running payroll and managing employee performance – time that could rather be spent doing something more productive for your organization.


Frustrated and disappointed, you turn to the ever-reliable Google for help – “Best HR Software in Malaysia" – only to be greeted with HR software solution companies praising their own systems, proclaiming to be the “Best in the Industry” without even a shred of proof.


Up until now, that is.


Malaysian HR managers like yourselves deserve better, proper HR software comparison, so y’all know what kind of HRIS you're signing up for.


So without further ado, here's a list of the top 6 HR management Software in Malaysia.

Before you go hunting, take time to consider some key questions about how your organization is likely to use an HR Software in Malaysia.

Top 6 HR Management Software in Malaysia in 2022

1. peopleHum

Who they are:

The winner of the San Francisco Global Codie Awards 2019 - peopleHum, is a one-view integrated top HR management software in Malaysia.

Its cloud-based platform is an intuitive and affordable way for growing companies to track and manage essential employee information.

peopleHum aims to create seamless employee experiences that goes beyond HR silos. Whether it’s hiring, onboarding, or performance management, peopleHum helps in centralizing data and automating transactional tasks in order to enable the company's HR department to keep pace.

What they offer:

  • Performance Management: The Perform module takes a innovative look at employee performance with customized & ready-to-use feedback templates, automated review cycles, and a 360-degree feedback system.
  • HRIS: Effortlessly manage employee information, leaves, time & attendance, and shifts with employee self-service tools all in one place on their cloud-based HRIS in Malaysia.
  • Employee Engagement: A complete set of employee engagement tools like company announcements, surveys, ideation boards and recognitions – to connect, collaborate, measure and optimize engagement for a superior employee experience
  • HR Analytics: Uncover hidden workforce trends and make data-driven decisions with powerful, AI-driven HR analytics & insights.

Apart from the Core module, there are add-ons like an HR chatbot, remote workforce management tool, e-Signature, OKRs and the learning management system.

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2. HR2eazy 

HR2eazy is a fully featured Payroll Software designed to serve Enterprises and Startups. It is a cloud based human resources management system (HRMS) that provides various solutions such as KPI Management, Leave, Claim, Payroll Management, Timesheet Management & many more. Hr2eazy is single platform that can be accessed through multiple devices such as desktop, mobile and kiosk by using kiosk mode.

What they offer:

  • Employee dashboard: A powerful module that provides an HR and Finance Dashboard where management can view HR and Finance related reports in graphical form.
  • Attendance Management: Hr2eazy system can synchronize with multiple attendance device such as biometric and mobile sign-in to track employees' attendance.
  • Payroll Management: Hr2eazy's Payroll Management Module mitigates errors, improves compliance, and saves time. This software is suitable for every small, mid-sized, and large company.

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3. BrioHR

BrioHR is an HR technology company that specializes in providing HR management solutions. BrioHR is a simple, modular, affordable, and intuitive HR management system that provides end-to-end tools for digitizing and automating all HR processes such as recruitment, onboarding, performance management, leave management, payroll, employee files, and more. BrioHR is easy to implement, use, and scale, with live support from their team of experts helping HR customize and configure to suit their needs.

What they offer:

  • Digital Employee File: Manage employee information, career history, projects, training records, equipment, documents. Everything is accessible in one place and automatically synced with BrioHR's Reporting module.
  • Recruitment and Applicant Tracking: Easily collect and share feedback after candidate screening and interview, boost collaboration across recruitment process stakeholders, and make faster hiring decisions.
  • Timesheets: Track and analyze the time spent on projects and activities for more communication and efficiency.

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4. Swingvy 

Swingvy is the modern HR cloud based software for small and mid-sized businesses. By seamlessly connecting all HR information, Swingvy automates every administrative work without hassle. Swingvy aims to replace paperworks or spreadsheets, and help customers to manage all their HR processes in one place.

What they offer:

  •  Leave management software: Adjust leave balance as needed and check all the history for employees at one place.
  •  Payroll: Pay your team's salaries in just a few clicks. e-Payslips are auto-generated and accessed securely by each employee.
  •  Time & attendance tracking: Choose to track your team's hours whether they're at the office or working remotely.

5. GreatDay HR

GreatDay HR is a cloud-based HR Management Software in Malaysia that provides a single, streamlined, automated solution that helps you easily manage all aspects of the employee lifecycle, from payroll and tax calculations, to attendance records, leave requests, and reimbursements.

What they offer:

  • HRIS: Empower your employees with an active internal platform, instant request approval, and a powerful task management system HRIS in Malaysia.
  • Attendance Management: Equipped with facial recognition technology and geotagging, checking in and out is just one selfie away!
  • Payroll: Fast and accurate payday calculation with attendance system integration, along with automatic alignment and distribution of payslips.

6. altHR

altHR is an HR Super App for companies created to be more than just an HR solution, built with core features such as leaves, claims, time tracking, payroll, paperless leave, and expense management.

What they offer:

  • Employee Engagement: Teams are able to update each other of their plans and schedules through the use of altHR Status Check-In and altHR Team Calendar.
  • Digital Workplace: From better communication and time-tracking, to sales and expense tracking, altHR future-proofs your company for any and all challenges.
  • Perks & Benefits: Taking care of your people goes beyond providing them with the right tools and a great experience at work.

The main thing to remember when selecting from an HR software list is that the system needs to work for you. Your organization's size, culture and maturity all play a role, and you should spend some time making a list of exactly which features and processes are critical to you right now.

Look out for an alignment with the services of an effective HR management software in Malaysia. Demos are usually the most convenient way of understanding the modules and functioning of an HR management software in Malaysia.

Navigating the HR management software in Malaysia landscape doesn’t have to be complicated or frustrating; you don’t have to go through it alone. Schedule a demo with us and we'll help you find a solution that best fit your specific needs.

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Top 6 Human Resource (HR) Software in Malaysia in 2022

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October 25, 2021

A very inspiring list. Thanks for putting this together


October 25, 2021

This is such a great list of women leaders! More power to you all

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