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Top 20 Voices of HR Leadership in Bangladesh
List of Leaders

Top 20 Voices of HR Leadership in Bangladesh

Sharon Monteiro
September 12, 2022

HR leadership in Bangladesh emerged as trusted voices in navigating the turbulent years of the pandemic. The elevation of HR leadership has brought the human-centricity of businesses into the spotlight, thus highlighting its importance in the development of resilient organizational culture within an unpredictable environment. Odds are that this elevation will only keep rising and stabilising in the months and years ahead. 

The scenario created by the Covid-19 pandemic was a make-or-break situation for HR leaders in Bangladesh. These 20 inspiring voices are among those who rose to the occasion and were prepared for the circumstances and trends of the the future of HR

We have compiled this list of 20 Voices of HR Leadership in Bangladesh to give them the recognition they are due. However, this list is not an authoritative one. This collection highlights the diversity of voices within the HR leadership community in Bangladesh and recognises their influence through a strong social media presence. 

With this in mind, we have the honour of recognizing these 20 important and diverse voices of HR leadership in Bangladesh. 

Top 20 Voices of HR Leadership in Bangladesh

Sakshi Trehan Handa

Sakshi Trehan Handa is the Human Resources Director at Unilever Bangladesh Ltd., with nearly 15 years in the field of HR. Most recently, she has been recognised among “The Top Most Global HR Leaders” in Bangladesh by the World HRD Congress for her excellent contribution and professional achievements as a purpose-driven thought leader in the field of Human Resource Development, in the nation.

Rashed Mosarof

Rashed Mosarof is the lead of Human Resources and Administration at Dabur Bangladesh. He has garnered over a decade of experience in Human Resource Management. A passionate HR professional, Rashed displays an expertise in talent acquisition and effective talent management. He also has a rich experience across organization verticals for entry level, middle level, and leadership level development

Kaiser C.

Kaiser C. is the Director of Human Resources at the Evercare Hospital Dhaka. He has amassed over 17 years of experience working in both Corporate HR and Industrial HR. Kaiser has a proven record devising and implementing coherent HR strategies whilst improving internal processes  procedures within a demanding environment.  

Nazika Imam

Nazika Imam is the head of Human Resources and Employee Relations at HSBC Bangladesh. She celebrates over two decades of work experience in HR with specialist knowledge in strategic workforce planning, talent acquisition and management, succession planning, organizational development, and change management

Muhammad Julfikar Ahmmed

Muhammad Julfikar Ahmmed is the HR Manager for Learning & Organizational Development at Meghna Group of Industries. He is an HR and Training Professional with over 11 years of demonstrated history in the field of HR Management, and training & development. 

Mohammad Shahidul Islam

Mohammad Shahidul Islam is the VP of HR & Administration at Bengal Group Limited, CEO of E-Bazar, and CEO of SQS Global Network. He has an illustrious career with over a decade of experience as an HR professional. His skills include operational expertise in recruitment & selection, training & development, compensation, and benefits. 

Tauhidul Alam

Tauhidul Alam is the Chief Human Resources Officer at MetLife Bangladesh. He is an HR professional who has garnered an experience and expertise that spans over two decades. Tauhidul’s expertise lies in strategic HR transformation, talent management, performance & rewards, and employee engagement. 

Mohammad Riyad Hossain

Mohammad Riyad Hossain is the Chief Human Resources Officer at Daraz, a leading e-commerce marketplace. He is an HR Professional with a history of 22 years in the field, and experience in HR policy development, performance management, training & development, organizational change management, and the key HR functions. 

Adrita Datta

Adrita Datta is a HR Generalist and the Regional Manager of Trade Marketing & Distribution at British American Tobacco (BAT), where she has served for over a decade. Though her years, she has worked in various dimensions of the HR function, from HR Operations to Commercial Business Partnering and other Specialist roles. 

Rubaet Bin Aziz

Rubaet Bin Aziz is the Group Chief Human Resources Officer at Dekko Legacy Group. He has over 14 years of experience in corporate and manufacturing HR operations, Compliance Management, and administration. He is an expert in advanced HR applications, hands on in operational HR, and an adaptable professional with the capability to work within diverse and cross-functional teams.  

Yeasmin Akhtar

Yeasmin Akhtar is the Head of HR & Admin at Oculin Tech BD Ltd. A professional with over 14 years in the field, Yeasmin has experiences as an HR professional in local manufacturing as well as in an MNC. Her areas of specialization include L&D, recruitment, rewards & recognition, employee engagement, and other critical HR practices. 

Asif Zaman

Asif Zaman is the Chief Human Resources Officer at Citibank N.A. Bangladesh. His career as HR professional spans across two decades and various industries, including Banking, Telecommunication, Apparel, Pharmaceuticals, and Service Logistics. His areas of expertise include performance management, talent management, succession planning, change management, and other key HR practices. 

Mohammad Nazrul Islam

A seasoned HR professional with over two decades of experience, Mohammad Nazrul Islam is currently the executive Vice President and the Head of Legal Affairs at AB Bank Limited. He has a proven track record of achieving remarkable results in the areas of organizational restructuring, talent acquisition, L&D, performance management, and employee engagement programs. 

Yusuf Khan

Yusuf Khan is the General Manager of Human Resources at Crown Cement. Garnering over 22 years in the field, he has achieved significant and progressive experience in boosting productivity, cost management and fostering efficiency. He has worked across different nations and gathers expertise in the areas of talent acquisition, succession planning, employee engagement, and other key areas of HR.  

Shibli H. Ahmad

Shibli H. Ahmad is the SHRBP & Lead HR at Dan Cake Bangladesh. He is an accomplished HR professional with over 16 years of hands-on expertise in HR policy & procedure, organizational restructuring, talent acquisition & development, change management, and SHRBP, RTM strategy. 

Sakib Imran Khan

Sakib Imran Khan is the Country Human Resources Manager at Intertek. With over 14 years in the field, he is a senior HR leader with a tack record of building high-performing teams, developing winning cultures, and crafting people strategies that propel organizational growth and transformation.

Rasel Bishsas

Rasel Bishsas is the Head of HR at LEADS Corporation Limited. He has a proven track record with over 16 years of experience as an HR professional in national and multinational companies. Rasel is passionate about People Management and about providing executive leadership with strategic human resources initiatives for talent management, organizational restructuring, and executive compensation advice. 

Nisbat Anwar

Nisbat Anwar is the ad of HR at Renata Limited. She is a Certified NLP Master Practitioner with over a decade of experience as an HR professional. Her areas of specialization include HR & organizational development, change management, recruitment, employee retention, coaching and mentoring. 

Junaid Ahmed

Junaid Ahmed is the Vice President of People & Culture at ShopUp. With over a decade in the field, Junaid describes himself as a modern day HR Strategist who has extensive exposure in the fields of HR Business Partnering and Talent Management. People management is always been one of his keen interests which has led him to drive revolutionary change in talent acquisition and development functions. 

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Top 20 Voices of HR Leadership in Bangladesh

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October 25, 2021

A very inspiring list. Thanks for putting this together


October 25, 2021

This is such a great list of women leaders! More power to you all

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