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General Manager
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We are looking for a highly skilled General Manager that will help us to manage the day-to-day operations of the company, including managing personnel, coordinating activities, and ensuring that the organization is operating efficiently.

A general manager is responsible for setting the overall strategic direction of the company and ensuring that the organization is moving towards its goals. To be successful in the role of a general manager you should have proven experience overseeing operations, and potentially human resources, finance, and communications departments, too.

You must ensure an expert communicator with a strong ability to delegate responsibilities and collaborate across a wide range of departments. Ultimately, you’re driven by the desire to lead a team toward maximum productivity and efficiency.

General Manager
  • The general manager is responsible for overseeing market trends, identifying opportunities for growth, and developing and implementing plans to achieve the company's objectives.
  • Must identify opportunities for cost savings and revenue growth, and making strategic financial decisions to ensure the company's long-term financial success.
  • They must be responsible for hiring and managing employees
  • The General Manager must set performance expectations, provide feedback, as well as develop and implement training and development programs.
  • Must ensure that the company is in compliance with all relevant regulations and standards, including safety, environmental, and labor laws.
  • Maintain project timelines to ensure tasks are accomplished on time.
  • The general manager is often the public face of the company and must take up duties of representing the company to the public, including the media, industry groups, and government officials.
  • Must have good communication skills both verbal and written.
  • Delegate responsibilities to the best employees to perform them while enforcing all policies, procedures, standards, specifications, guidelines, training programs, and cultural values.
  • Provide solutions to issues (e.g. profit decline, employee conflicts, loss of business to competitors)
General Manager
  • Bachelor’s degree in business management or related field
  • Proven experience in a managerial role
  • Strong decision-making capabilities and great leadership skills
  • Must know to operate on computers and other softwares
  • Above-average communication, collaboration, and delegation skills
  • Proven ability to develop and maintain financial plans
  • Ability to motivate and lead people, and hold employees accountable
  • Strong working knowledge of operational procedures

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