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High Performing Employees (HIPO)

What is a high performing employee (HIPO)?

High performing employees are highly skilled at their roles and demonstrate exceptional effort. If an employee is proactive, eager to take on new projects that challenge them, constantly seeks feedback, and is actively and continuously improving and growing their skills, they are a high performing employee. 

High Performing Employees (HIPO)

How do you identify high performing employees?

If you are a manager, the first step to being a good one for high performing employees is by taking a moment to identify who the high performers are. The easiest and most effective way to identify high performing employees is to plot the employees on the GE-McKinsey Matrix, such as the one above. Do so every 6 months as an individual’s skillset and mindset can change. 

The second step is to being aware of what one can do as a manager to support high performing employees. 

How do you support high performing employees? 

1. Give them recognition

2. Discover and rekindle what motivates them intrinsically

3. Coaching and mentorship

4. Give consistent and constructive feedback

5. Offer career development opportunities