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Automated survey for employee feedback
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Automated survey for employee feedback

Aishwarya Sinha Ray
July 28, 2023

In a time where HR technology is striving and not failing any organisation, how are you making use of it to put all company processes in line? HR digital transformation sure is here but what matters is how your organisation introduces it for the betterment of human resources. The use of automated employee survey  for employee feedback is one such feature, which is not new to the corporate world but is increasingly gaining traction for its measuring and setting a benchmark. This helps to keep a check on where your organisation stands from time to time.

Let’s break up the automated survey for employee feedback into segments to understand its purpose, importance, benefits and challenges in greater detail.

Benefits of conducting an a feedback survey

Automated survey for employee feedback | peopleHum

An automated employee survey for employee feedback helps you to -

  1. Realise the latest HR technology trends
  2. Build the roadmap of your organisation through planning
  3. See if there are any other persistent HR processes to include
  4. Gain more ideas to make the process better

Questions to ask yourself before conducting an automated employee survey

There are multiple benefits of an automated HR survey tool and conducting the use of feedback survey through that. However, just to be on the safe side it’s better to think about a few questions before you get started with a survey -

  1. What are the various concerns that you want to address while conducting an employee survey?
  2. What are the biggest challenges that you feel you are currently facing in your organisation?
  3. Which are the HR processes that you feel will be affected by further advances in HR technology?
  4. Which are the top HRIS technology challenges at present?
  5. Will the questions that I am including in the survey help employees and the company in the longer or shorter run?

What is the impact of automation on HR and employment?

You must ensure that you create an automated employee survey  that is unique and interesting every time. Otherwise, why would an employee want to invest their time on something that is not covered within their KRA?

One method that helps keep a survey interesting is to dive deep into the objective, which is to make the most of automation to get the best results. Here’s what PRNewswire started back on May 18, 2017.

Artificial intelligence and automation will have a major impact on HR as well as employment in the coming time, according to new CareerBuilder research. This included a sample of 231 human resource managers across private sector industries. 1 in 10 HR managers, which is around 13 per cent, are already witnessing the influence of artificial intelligence on HR. Another 55 per cent believe that the influence will be greater in the next few years.

HR managers suggest that they lose an average of 14 hours a week if they don’t rely on an automated employee survey  or automation tasks. They do encourage team leads and managers to take time out for their team members but certain polls and decisions can be taken over a survey.

The challenge of annual enterprise surveys for strategic annual planning

One of the studies given out by Fortune 500 companies shows that 75% and more of the total data that they have comes from surveys. An annual automated employee survey  is quick and helps collect employee data through one single medium and stores it all on one platform.

However, here comes the big challenge. Many a time HR leaders find that the data is highly biased. It comes up with just one side of the story and not the entire, bigger picture. In fact, the annual nature of these automated employee survey  is a big constraint.

They have a reputation for being highly impactful and driving. Therefore, an automated employee survey for employee feedback is an important aspect of automation and HR Technology.

1. Pulse surveys to keep employees happy and engaged

Pulse surveys are a solution to the incomplete data on employee performance, attitude, behaviour and sentiments. A lot of times, mostly in fast-paced startups, there are countless changes in policies and work structure that makes it really important for HR and management to collect feedback from employees.

A lot of these changes might seem intimidating and confusing, therefore the use of automated feedback survey for employees acts as a medium through which employees can channelise their concerns.

2. Highlight and address problems quickly

Pulse surveys are renowned for their instantaneous nature and the ability to prompt employees to share what they feel at the moment. However small or insignificant the issue may be, it is important to capture it right at the beginning to not let it grow later. An automated employee survey for employee feedback is an opportunity to implement a timely solution.

3. Talk about the events excluded from enterprise surveys

Enterprise automated employee survey may not always be able to include employee-level sentiments. Moreover, enterprise surveys can be long. So, including each and every nitty-gritty and detail is not always possible. On the other hand, pulse surveys talk about specific employee issues that may not seem too big but are important from an individual employee’s perspective.

4. Evaluate improvements in no time

An enterprise automated employee feedback survey is important as it helps reveal key insights that need to be changed or implemented at a company level. Pulse surveys help measure whether the changes and implementations are working at an employee level or not. The performance metrics will be set such that the efforts by the HR leaders and managers will be visible to all via an automated employee survey .

Automated survey for employee feedback | peopleHum

Most definitely, the employee evaluation key intakes from pulse surveys will play an important role in the final yearly evaluation. That is like talking about the biggest piece that will fit the map. To get to that level without much complications or hassle, it is important that the data derived from an automated survey for employee feedback or pulse surveys are taken into significant consideration.

5. Make use of HR bots to simplify surveys

Software bots are taking over the rote tasks and work of the HR department. Conducting and managing automated employee survey is another task that a chatbot can easily take over. Moreover, chatbot technology has become so much better that the conversation between a bot and an employee has become more intelligent, efficient and sophisticated. Bots may not be able to handle more complicated tasks but they have at least begun to manage complex tasks, one of the tasks being evaluation.


The use of automated feedback survey collection and discussion is the way to go. HRs are highly betting on this technology so that they can work towards improving employee engagement and performance. In the end, it is really important to figure out a way to keep the entire organisation on the same page. With each step the company grows, it gets more complicated to do that.

Therefore, an automated employee survey will take the pain to handle the feedback and response collection process. Meanwhile, the HR and management leaders will work towards devising a plan that helps employees in every sphere of their corporate life.

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Automated survey for employee feedback

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