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Recruitment Drive

What is Recruitment drive

The way toward finding and employing the best-qualified applicant (from inside or outside of an association) for an employment opportunity, in a convenient and financially savvy way is named as enrollment. The enrollment procedure incorporates dissecting the prerequisites of a vocation, drawing in representatives to that activity, screening and choosing candidates, enlisting, and coordinating the new worker to the association. An enlistment drive is directed to satisfy these necessities. Dealing with an enlistment drive is more than essentially filling jobs with candidates who meet the necessary ranges of abilities.

A Recruitment Drive

Arranging an enrollment drive for a huge association is more than just filling jobs with candidates who meet the necessary ranges of abilities. Executing a huge enlistment drive kind requires a broad group. The HR group running the occasion must be furnished with faultless coordinations coordination, relational abilities, and the board.

Points to keep in mind

Making candidates feel relaxed and confident during an interview is important to letting their true personalities shine and enabling companies to find the best candidate.

Adopting the behavioural approach would be beneficial because the interviewers are more likely to predict which candidates would be higher performers and subsequently, companies would be more likely to hire candidates of the right fit.

Using eLearning Platforms for Recruitment

Traditionally, learning platforms are used to carry out online training, allowing you to develop the employees already working for your organisation. They are also often used as part of the onboarding process, bringing new hires up-to-speed with company processes and policies.

Employers generally have a good idea of what they’re looking for in a new hire, with certain skills, experience and criteria outlined in the position description. In a recruitment drive, your HR team will be evaluating large numbers of candidates simultaneously.

By having applicants answer questions within the LMS, you can very quickly and easily see which candidates have the skills and expertise needed for the job. This gives you a valuable opportunity to consider employee performance before an individual even comes on board. After all, a good eLearning platform can help you track and monitor completion rates, engagement, and overall performance.

You can even have some fun by incorporating gaming into the process, as suggested by eLearning expert, Christopher Pappas.

“Games might not spring to mind when discussing talent acquisition strategies, but beyond being fun and interactive, they are also great evaluation tools for job candidates,” says Pappas. “They allow you to test the waters and identify individuals who are just right for your team.”

Using an LMS During the Interview Process

Learning technology tools can also be used very effectively throughout the interview process.

Training simulations mimic real-world environments and challenges. This makes them the ideal recruitment tool, as you can test practical knowledge and experience.

In this way, simulations can reveal how much a potential candidate knows about the tools of the trade. This is really useful in finding out whether someone possesses the relevant skills, for example in certain software or machinery. Hiring a new employee based solely on qualification is a waste of time if you then find out they can’t use the tools on the job.

It’s not just helpful for evaluating technical skills. Use your LMS to have candidates answer and submit questions through the digital platform. You can create different branching scenarios to test soft skills, such as communication, decision-making, or even compliance.

Recruitment Automation

The recruitment automation system aims at removing the repetitive and the most labor-intensive tasks. An applicant tracking system can, for example, post jobs, sort, and store job applications, and create and grade applicant profiles. Other types of software, such as chatbots, can handle some of the communication with applicants. There are several benefits to automating the recruitment processes.
Screening candidates, candidate sourcing, scheduling interviews, etc becomes easy with automation. Similarly, there are a few disadvantages to automating the recruitment process like lack of accuracy and desirability, the possibility of hacking and likewise. Automation in recruitment and hiring has both positive and negative aspects, in case of recruitment drive

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