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Special Education Teacher Job Description

Special Education Teacher Job Description

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Special Education Teacher Job Description

We are looking for a Special Education Teacher to join our educational team.

You will be in charge of teaching small groups of students who have mild to moderate learning difficulties. You will adapt existing curriculum in basic subjects (such as math and writing) to meet the learning needs of each student and create individual lesson plans tailored to their needs. You'll also talk to parents and support staff about important issues that could slow down students' progress.

Finally, you will assist and inspire children to reach important learning milestones.

Special Education Teacher Responsibilities

  • Evaluate students' abilities and develop lesson plans
  • Adapt learning materials to the needs of students
  • Keep track of and reflect on students' progress.
  • Monitor children's behavioural patterns and, if necessary, arrange for appropriate interventions.
  • Look for interesting activities to teach skills (e.g. drawing and theatre drama)
  • Manage classroom crises and conflict resolution
  • Prepare students for the next grade level.
  • Inform parents about their children's progress and potential issues.
  • Other professionals who work with disabled children should be coached or mentored.
  • Collaborate with support staff (such as school counsellors and speech therapists) to develop comprehensive intervention plans.

Special Education Teacher Requirements

  • Experience as a Special Education Teacher or in a related role is required.
  • Current special education topics and methodologies are well-understood.
  • Working experience with children with a wide range of disabilities
  • Capability to develop IEPs
  • A patient, resourceful, and resilient character
  • Outstanding interpersonal and communication abilities
  • A valid state special education certificate is required, as well as a BSc in Special Education; an MSc is preferred.