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Acorn champions a culture of recognition with peopleHum
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Acorn champion a culture of recognition with peopleHum

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January 11, 2022
Human Resource Management Platform
Sori Adele, HR Service Executive at Acorn


Real Estate


Nairobi, Africa


51 to 200


Acorn is a vertically Integrated Real Estate business with 3 core capabilities: Development Management, Property Management and Investment Management and drives value across the full spectrum from acquisition to development to disposal to leasing to managing properties.

Q: Could you introduce yourself?

Sori: My name is Sori Adele, and I am the HR service executive at Acorn.

Q: So Sori, how did you get to know about peopleHum?

Sori: We were doing a bit of research on how we could better manage our employee data and one of our staff employees recommended peopleHum to us. That's how we got to know about it.

Q: So what were the challenges or the pain points that you were trying to solve when you were considering peopleHum?

Sori: Like I said earlier, when we were looking for a software that would work for us, we were looking for something that would help us better manage our data. And another pain point we faced was that of leave management.

But now, peopleHum allows us to manage leaves much better. Before we used to do a lot of manual-work. Now everything is just virtual. We don't need to have employees sending in paperwork and applications. That most often leads to people losing their documents in the process. And it's hard to chase after people, especially when you're trying to calculate everyone's leave balance at the end of the year. So peopleHum has made it easier for us to record everyone's leave without having any issues.

Q: What are some particular features that really surprised you in peopleHum?  Is there something that you really like?

Sori: I like the fact that the home tab makes it easier to make quick announcements. Usually we send announcements via text message or email, but now we can easily access announcements on peopleHum. We're able to recognize people for a great job done. This also acts as a way of encouraging our employees when they do something remarkable.

Q: On a scale of 10, 10 being the highest, how satisfied are you with peopleHum?

Sori: I would say it's quite high. I'm satisfied. I'd say 8/10.

Q: How was your experience with the peopleHum team?

Sori: The experience with the peopleHum team has been great. I've been getting the fastest responses. Anytime I'm stuck on something, I just quickly send an email or even a WhatsApp and I'm able to get the solution really fast and they're really friendly. They understand even if it's like simple things. They are patient, understanding, are willing to help and easily reachable.

Q: Sori, have you also used the peopleHum mobile application?

Sori: Yes. We're trying to roll that out in our entities because most of our employees are on ground and they don't usually use computers. So we're trying to roll out the mobile application. I think it's very convenient for people who are on the go. It's easily accessible. You can just log on to the app, and find everything you need.

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Acorn champion a culture of recognition with peopleHum
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October 25, 2021

A very inspiring list. Thanks for putting this together


October 25, 2021

This is such a great list of women leaders! More power to you all