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Banes and boons of the automated recruitment system
Hiring and Recruitment

Banes and boons of the automated recruitment system

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Anushka Rajesh
March 7, 2022
Human Resource Management Platform

The concept of automated recruitment system is considered a holy grail in the 21st century. Although HR professionals have started to use this technology from the late 1990s, it is now being used on a greater scale than ever before.

When we are talking about automation we are also talking about AI or Artificial Intelligence. AI does help you manage high-volume applicant pools, predict outcomes and reduce bias in the recruitment process.

Simply put, this is a great way to ease the recruitment process by separating the chaffs from the wheat. But the fact is it has a mixed type of utilities and the question is “Is it really worth the effort?”.

Today we will cover up the advantages and disadvantages of automated recruitment system with a verdict on “Whether you should use them or not?”. Now, let’s begin.

automated recruitment system

Advantages of Automated Recruitment System

The recruitment automation system aims at removing the repetitive and the most labor-intensive tasks. An applicant tracking system can, for example, post jobs, sort, and store job applications, and create and grade applicant profiles. Other types of software, such as chatbots, can handle some of the communication with applicants.

1. Sourcing candidates

In case you did not know, sourcing is a proactive way to find a qualified candidate for the position you have opened a job. The sole purpose of sourcing is to find all the relevant data containing name, title, job responsibilities about qualified candidates. With an applicant tracking system or ATS, you will be able to source your candidates faster.

2. Screening candidates

Out of 250 resumes, you will roughly have to annul more than 75% to 88% resumes which is quite common. Thus you are likely to waste plenty of time to this end. Luckily, you can screen your candidates using the automated hiring process like a charm.

3. Nurturing candidates

Just because you don’t need to hire an applicant doesn’t necessarily mean that you won’t have to tomorrow. You can nurture your candidates through email, automated SMS and phone calls. This way, you can fill out the open position in a much easier, faster and cheaper way. Candidate nurturing is just like a secret key to the success of recruiting.

4. Scheduling interviews

With an automated hiring tool and AI chatbot feature, you can not only take interviews but can also use the AI to schedule interviews specifying stuff from all along like:

  • Who will take the interview?
  • When the interview will be taken?
  • Where will the interview be taken?

5. Engaging with candidates

It is the process and measurement that continuously focus on communication with your candidate pool through media like text, email, and even with a mere verbal communication system.

The goal for this engagement is to increase the open rate of emails, more text replies, more job views and getting more job applications from your candidate pool.

Engagement with candidates has always been a burning question and so it has been the focal point to the recruiters. You will be amazed at the introduction of chatbots as they have revolutionized the ways of engaging with candidates.

6. Positive, fast & cost-efficient method

A decade ago or so, automation in recruitment was only thought to be a depository system.

While measuring the efficiency of the recruitment process, the most common metrics are the cost, time and quality, dealt with it. And automation just optimizes these three metrics at its best which makes the strongest and the unique selling point of adopting an automated recruitment system.

The artificial intelligence system not only communicates, collects resumes or CVs at its own but also analyze them according to your set standards. In addition, they nurture, engage with the candidates in absence of you.

7. Retrieving applicant information from the database

Finally, from a huge database, you can effortlessly use the advanced search option which includes setting up specific criteria before retrieving your desired applicant.

All of the above functions have made recruitment automation a good fit for aspiring and smart employers or recruiters.

Disadvantages of Automated Recruitment System:

However, with so many positivities, the automation and artificial intelligence system in the recruitment system may cause a number of problems. These problems have always been the easy target for the critics even though there is a huge advancement of machine learning and big data analysis. Some of the problems with the automated hiring systems are:

1. Lack of accuracy & reliability

Although the automation system seems pretty lucrative, they are not perfect and honestly, they are a bit far away from perfection. Automated recruitment systems can get easily confused with nonstandard formatting options.

For instance, an applicant may write the resume with perfect words and with the ultimate demonstration of lettering and calligraphy. Unfortunately, your automated applicant tracking system may fail to scan this amazingly crafted documentation for no good reason.

2. Limitations to adapt to different formats

An applicant can have huge work experience in a similar industry and can be perfectly suitable for your desired post. But it is very unlikely that such a resume will pass through the AI-powered recruitment solution and thus you will lose a great applicant.

So, the preference for picking only the formulaic resumes is a great con for the automation system.

3. Keyword hacking by applicants

Here come the hacker-type applicants! They know how to trick your automated hiring system with keywords and convince your system by showing that they are the right fit.

Applicants who are a good fit, on the other hand, maybe dismissed just because of the usage of poor keywords or the fact of being unaware of hacking your system with tricky keywords.

Should you adopt an Automated Recruitment System?

Automation in recruitment and hiring has both advantages and disadvantages. But we would like to say that the positive aspects are more lucrative and more effective than the negative ones.

Another thing is that the AI-powered recruitment system may be a matter of fun aside from its efficacy and you should always keep training your AI system so that it becomes close to perfection

Long story short, with the gradual development of automation and artificial intelligence system it goes without saying that the traditional recruitment system will lose its legacy and will be replaced with the ones having automation or AI system.

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October 25, 2021

A very inspiring list. Thanks for putting this together


October 25, 2021

This is such a great list of women leaders! More power to you all

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