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Phia - Not just any HR chatbot but an intelligent assistant
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Phia - Not just any HR chatbot but an intelligent assistant

February 27, 2024

The uncertainty and exhaustion

People managers and human resource teams are exhausted. We have paused for breath and realized resilience is key to survival. Individually and organizationally. 

The rush to shelter-in-place, remote work and the need to propel business faster to stay in contention added to the explosive mix already heightened by COVID and the uncertainty and fear that persists consistently. It all appears disorganized with no end in sight. 

Mental wellness is paramount

Our employees are going through similar uncertain conditions in their personal lives, forced to make decisions to defer or to circumvent essential choices every day. This realization has slowly crept in as the pandemic has evolved and the fear has settled in for the long run. When we get back to an old normal seems to have agreement from both sides of the fence - not in the near future, or never. We are in a new reset, a word that takes us beyond the concept of a new normal. It's as if businesses, our lives, our hopes, our relationships, our communities, and our societies are being reset.  

Many months in the pandemic crisis now and the talk has shifted from React, Respond, Regroup as approaches to keeping a semblance of an organized approach to the market, customer, business and internal operations. 

Employee mental wellness and sustaining productivity are key factors that leaders and manager objectives are focussed on. 

At the personal level, the lack of social contact and engagement exacerbates the precipice that businesses and people face under the current circumstances. 

From symphony to cacophony

We miss the old days where we had worked hard to get people aligned, functions setup and had optimized most work in the form of a symphony. Well orchestrated, not perfect but got the job done quickly with minimal friction. 

All that has unravelled and you face a cacophony of unprecedented proportions now. 

Phia - Not just any HR chatbot but an intelligent assistant

Changing policies and rationalizing support

How do we rationalize and provide consistent support to our most important constituency? Your employees?

Changing policies to cater to the new reset, training your support teams to provide the most pertinent information quickly is a remote management nightmare. Our support staff is stretched too, catering to an increased volume of enquiries.

Have you looked at support automation?

You need an automation solution that is quick, intelligent, requires no manual intervention, comes out of the box with training modules, is always on and scales to any volume. 

Phia is your solution. Built on the same intelligence and self-learning infrastructure as the global leader in chatbot platforms - Engati, a sister platform of peopleHum. 

It's hard to believe what conversational intelligence can do for you

intelligent assistant- peoplehum

Imagine having an intelligent conversation with an agent who is polite, responsive, always available and learns from every interaction. And she is everyone's favorite and is alone handling our whole help desk ticketing

No need to hire more when you grow or the volume of questions increase. She can do it all. 

Without the need for a live agent. How about the agent growing in intelligence with each interaction and we can train her too. She never forgets, never takes a day off, never sleeps, does not ask for a raise, and follows every instruction we have to the dot. 

Hard to believe? No, the wish is real now - with automation and AI technologies that have helped create Phia - an intelligent assistant using the latest in conversational intelligence. What’s more? Phia can speak any language you speak, can offer you quick access to answers from all over your organization. Ask her any question and her response is immediate. 

What is the maternity leave policy? - Here goes…

What do I do if I am detected Covid positive? - I sure do hope not, but if you are then...

Can I apply for extended leave? - Sure let me check that for you...

What’s the next holiday on the calendar? - My records show...

I would like to login a ticket for - Here is the information needed...

Who is Daniel Smith? - Daniel Smith is... 

Look up my leaves - Sure thing...

Apply for leave - Coming right up…

Does this intelligent assistant have a personality?

Yes, we have built Phia with a witty personality. She can joke with you, if people get nasty she gets coy, if people are rude, she is witty, if you are professional she is to the point. You can try out Phia for yourself and see her rise and shine to the occasion. 

Phia is your accountant for salary and comp lookups, your HR generalist for queries, and how to’s? Your peer and friend at work, we are even training her to indulge in water cooler conversations. 

She is all you need, with an intelligent personality type, responsive and with bundles of positive energy in these negative times. 

Do I need to recreate everything for automation?

No you don’t need to. Our intelligent assistant, Phia makes it easy with its inherent capabilities. 

Creating all the FAQs and support scripts for new policies and guidelines including relaxing lockdown needs and return to work guidelines is a mountain of tasks to accomplish without a line of sight to the end or the uncertainty that prevails. 

Operating in a mixed-mode is critical and aligning our organizations to support it is the need of the hour for our teams.

We do not need to expend extra effort to scan through all the documents, guess the questions people are going to ask, and then start creating streams of FAQs and variants to questions to train the bot to be responsive and intelligent.

Phia has a unique schematic based learning engine that interprets and learns from all the documents you load onto her and is ready to answer any questions based on her new-found knowledge in a jiffy. 

Here is how Phia makes it easy for you

hr chatbot, phia- peopleHum
  • Our intelligent assistant comes in with its API integration module which makes it easy to hook into any back end HRMS or employee information system. 
  • Phia has also been trained with a set of common questions that she gets asked. 
  • Present in multiple countries? No need to translate to every language, Phia’s inbuilt language processor makes it a breeze with auto-translation to the language of the employee’s choice
  • And here is the best part - no need to create FAQs and waste precious time. Just load all your compliance, policies, and guidelines and other material onto Phia. Its self-learning engine creates the context and she is ready to answer any question that your employees have on any aspect covered in the document. 

Automate your HR support desk 

Amazing isn’t it? No wonder Phia is now the benchmark for automating your HR help desk. 

Come get a demo of our intelligent assistant and her amazing capabilities and see how she can help you streamline to the new reset. Get sanity, save costs, avoid lengthy implementations, and watch the wonders of conversational intelligence, automated and personalized - ready to go out of the box. 

What can 50 cents get you in conversational intelligence?

The answer? Your whole HR help and support desk automated to answer queries from your employees any time of the day or night, 24x7, no manual intervention required. Conversations that are intelligent, efficient, witty and keep your organization humming about the capabilities that Phia brings to every query she is asked.  

Oh yeah, and Phia is just 50 cents per employee per month. A price that does not even buy you a bottle of water today.  

Phia and Microsoft teams - you complete me

Microsoft Teams now has more than 45 million users in organizations. Thanks to the pandemic and work moving remote primarily, MS teams has become a lifeline for organizations to function effectively. MS Teams brings a lot of collaborative elements for your organizations and teams and associates are spending a lot of time logged in.  

Why not take advantage of the access that MS Teams already provides for your organization and implement seamless Saas. You don’t have to go to a website and login or load a mobile app which is also possible with our HR chatbot, Phia.

Phia now allows you to directly connect and provide access to all your HR information directly from within MS Teams. No stepping out to another interface or loading an app required. More so Phia is optimized to work with your MS Teams setup.  

You can query Phia’s AI engine to ask questions on any kind of document that your organization publishes. Coupled with the power of peopleHum driving it or integrated with any backend HCM or HRMS platform that you prefer to use, Phia can retrieve answers for your questions without the need for loading FAQs, Just load up your policies, contracts. Guidelines, process manuals and Phia can intelligently search them for schematic matching for the most relevant answer to the question that is being asked. Moreover, users can frame the question the way they want to freeing them from the confines of selecting questions from the FAQ.

This automation intelligence is real and is brought to you integrated with Phia.

Moreover, from the comfort of your Microsoft Teams interface, your organization can get responses to all sorts of data questions stored in your back end platforms. How many leaves? When is the next holiday? Who is Daniel Smith? What surveys do I have to fill out? And tons of more inquiries.

Come experience the power of Phia with Microsoft teams and see your employee experience come alive without you needing to move a finger. Automated conversational intelligence is not the future, but the present and only available from Phia.  

Phia and Slack - you complete me

Slack is the ultimate communication tool with more than 12 million daily active users, seeing a sudden increase in this pandemic crisis. Slack is an internal communication tool that lets its users create multiple channels for specific purposes or to message individuals via Direct Message.  

Organizations trust Slack more than anything else and is the de facto app for integration. Why not have Phia - the most simple and efficient HR chatbot ever - integrate with Slack for a seamless HR experience? Communication bridged with intelligence can be a game changer especially while working remotely from home or elsewhere.

No need of signing in through your HRMS system, just log in straight via Slack to use Phia’s diverse features - apply for leaves, ask any HR related query, submit an idea, take your pending surveys, give a suggestion, view your pending tasks, look up for a profile and so do so much more.  

Phia is smart, witty and reliable. She understands customer experience and will get better with every interaction you make with her. Her incredible and propriety NLP engine gives an edge to her and you can ask her any policy related questions; just load your query document beforehand from the HR chatbot portal and fire away with any questions related to it on Phia. Phia will search the document instantaneously and suggest an answer.  

Wouldn’t that make life easier for an HR? FAQs automatically made with intelligence to prove the power of Ai and ML. Her algorithms are trained in a manner that she can answer questions with context and is available in any language you want!  

She works hand-in-hand with peopleHum - the best HCM platform to enhance your employee experience and rid you of all hassles and operational tasks so you can sit back and concentrate on the more meaningful tasks.  

Curious about Phia? Come and experience her intelligence first-hand with Slack to lead life simply without any clunkiness. Automated conversational intelligence is not the future, but the present and only available from Phia.  

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Phia - Not just any HR chatbot but an intelligent assistant

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