Return-to-Office Guide for HR Leaders
Return to office

Return-to-Office Guide for HR Leaders

Sharon Monteiro
December 24, 2022

Ever since Covid-19 struck, organizations around the world have been pushed through the grinder. From unprecedented challenges to momentous disruptions, we have seen it all, and have innovated the way we work. The workforce has broken away from the traditional way of working, adopting a hybrid and flexible work pattern instead. But with vaccines ushering great hope for leaders to reintroduce employees back to the workplace, the next big shift is already under way.

As vaccination rates rise, businesses are already planning their return to office strategy. And Human Resources has a pivotal part to play in the planning and execution of this strategy. The role of HR, no matter the size or type of company, is to prioritize the health and safety of employees.

Returning to office isn't an overnight decision. Executing a company-scale transition requires months of planning, considerations, assessment of resources, and most importantly, feedback on employee sentiment regarding it. A great first step that HR can take to prepare employees for the return to office, is to start by early communication and having plenty of time to gather feedback from employees. Another pertinent suggestion is to prepare a journey map for employees that is simple and easy to follow. The return to office must not be yet another unwanted administrative procedure on top of the stress-inducing pandemic event.

Planning the right strategy for the return to office is best solved when it's undertaken by the company's HR department who understand the company's unique needs. peopleHum's Return to Office guide is an end-to-end platform that enables HR to execute their strategy with efficiency.

The HR roadmap for Return to Office | peopleHum

The Return-to-Office Guide for HR Leaders

With offices reopening in the aftermath of the pandemic, it can be a source of anticipation and stress for employees. The role of HR, whatever the size or type of company, is to advocate for the safety and wellbeing of employees. In addition to that, is it also their job to devise a viable solution for the return to office experience. Aiding the smooth and efficient execution of HR’s return to office strategy is right up the alley for peopleHum’s Return to Office solution. Let’s show you how this is done:

1. Creating a CDC complaint checklist & safety policies

Christine, from HR, prepares the return office guidelines as per the CDC (Centre for Disease Control), a CDC-compliant RTO checklist, which includes all documents, best practices and the latest information around Covid-19 and office readiness.

2. Designing RTO survey and checklist for those who opt-in

Christine proceeds to design the RTO survey and attaches it to a company-wide announcement. She also provides instructions to fill the RTO checklist, for those who have opted to return to work through their responses.

3. Marking those fit to return

Once employees fill the RTO checklist, Christine scans the list, and if she determines the employee to be fit to return to office, as per the CDC guidelines, she green-lights their enrolment and the completion of mandatory training course for the return to office, ensuring that employees are aware of workplace safety procedures.

4. Onboarding

On the first day back to the office, i.e., the day of onboarding, Christine will provide employees with their safety essentials kit.

5. Attendance reports

To ensure absolute efficiency, Christine gathers daily attendance reports for the purpose of record-keeping and analysis.

6. Contact hotline

Christine and the HR department will be the point of contact to address employee needs and to report any untoward incidences which may be a cause for concern.

7. Pulse reports

Apart from attendance reports, Christine will also be responsible for gathering, recording and analysing the daily pulse reports from employees.

8. Managing risks

If an employee tests Covid positive, Christine would reach out to the concerned employee regarding any assistance. Further, she would intimate them about further plan of action as per the CDC guidelines.

The HR roadmap for Return to Office | peopleHum


At an AI-driven, one-view integrated solution level, peopleHum has got your back. But combating a pandemic and getting through it unscathed is a responsibility that we must all share. Each of us must do our part in reducing the risk of infection, communicating our concerns about going back to work, and follow standard procedures to protect oneself and those around us. Together, HR, managers, and employees can return to work under better conditions than the one we left it in.

peopleHum's Return to Office solution addresses employee concerns and concerns about business continuity in an unpredictable world. We can't guarantee that a deadly pandemic could disappear, or that we could take people's anxieties away, but with our technology, we can help ease the stress to create a zone of safety and renewed motivation.

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Return-to-Office Guide for HR Leaders

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October 25, 2021

A very inspiring list. Thanks for putting this together


October 25, 2021

This is such a great list of women leaders! More power to you all

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