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Gaining geographical and competitive advantage through partnerships
Future of work

Gaining geographical and competitive advantage through partnerships

HR blogs
Sharon Monteiro
February 14, 2022
Human Resource Management Platform

The challenges plaguing organizations and HR leaders across the world have been more or less similar ever since the pandemic struck. Its impact across business operations, livelihood, and wellbeing are as well-known and widespread as the virus itself. These events have driven companies to prioritize digitization strategies to transform their processes into resilient operations that can weather the toll taken by the pandemic.

As business consultants, these effects and challenges at international and domestic levels are not lost on you. In fact, these situations present themselves as opportunities to cater to the burgeoning needs of affected businesses. And although the challenges faced by businesses around the world may be similar, the method of coping with the challenges are regionally unique.  

Consultants across geographies are in a unique position to address organizational pain points with solutions that match their requirements. And having the right tech stack to capture those pain points can foster a relationship of confidence and trust between consultants and their clients. Let’s take a brief look at how this partnership can take place across distinct regions.  

Gaining geographical advantage in Indonesia  

Gaining geographical and competitive advantage through partnerships | peopleHum

Take, for instance, the HR landscape in Indonesia. The challenges faced by HR leaders in Indonesia aren’t very different to other parts of the world. However, due to the slower penetration of technology, the pain points have only intensified. Some of the major challenges include the lack of effective technology, the emotional fatigue of working from home, keeping track of productivity and motivation, and also to get people to adopt and use the technology.  

HR transformation is necessary, whether it is through automation, digitisation, introducing efficient methods of communication, or restructuring operations to be more agile. On October 2020, Indonesian Finance Minister Sri Mulyani Indrawati  stated that the contribution of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises to the Indonesian economy stood at 60.3% and provided for 97% of the country’s employment. Indonesia’s total median age is 28.6 years. All of this suggests a large and young workforce population.  

The Covid-19 pandemic is driving a fundamental shift in the way companies operate. According to a study by Mercer, the disruption caused by the pandemic has urged employers in Indonesia to focus on workforce restructuring (45%) and active reskilling (41%) in order make their business and workforce future ready. The pandemic has primed businesses for a structural overhaul - and given HCM solution resellers and consultants the advantage of gaining a digital partner to cater to these businesses.  

With MSMEs contributing towards a greater portion of Indonesia’s economic growth and a major provider of employment opportunities for a young workforce, the right workforce management tech stack is the need of the hour. With integrated HCM platforms, Indonesia’s employers, HR personnel, and its abundant young workforce can cut through the grunt of the monotonous and administrative work, engage & collaborate with their team, and create a company culture that nurtures growth & productivity.  

Gaining geographical advantage in Brazil  

As parts of the world quickly adjusted to remote work, the Latin American region didn’t stay too far behind. In Brazil, not only has technological progress made this simpler and smoother, but the pandemic has also accelerated a process that was already underway. Like any major change, however, the adoption of remote work occurred more quickly for particular parts of Brazil than for others. According to the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE), almost half of Brazil’s remote employees are concentrated in the South of Brazil (a region with a greater share of the country’s GDP), while only a marginal number of remote employees are concentrated in the North, the poorest region in the country.

The adoption of technological platforms in workplaces has indeed accelerated, albeit in a much slow and gradual way. The emergence of the HR tech sector in Brazil is fairly recent, with 85% of them emerging within the past 9 years. Additionally, teleworking solutions to support remote work processes have surged by 324% in 2020.  

The remote work trend in Brazil is here to stay. 67% of Brazilian employees that work remotely describe their experiences as “good”. However, there is indeed a higher scope for adoption of HR technology and better satisfaction rates for remote work processes. By implementing AI-enabled, affordable, and user-friendly workforce management platforms in organisations within Brazil’s economically developing regions, they will be able to capture and solve major pain points in their HR processes. In addition to digitizing vital people operations, remote team management tools can enable smooth collaboration and engagement under remote working conditions to ramp up team productivity.  

Gaining geographical advantage in Ireland  

Gaining geographical and competitive advantage through partnerships | peopleHum

In Allgo’s top 6 predictions for HR in 2021 for Ireland, the standout prediction and challenge was for remote working and hybrid working. And within that realm, the expectation was that the pandemic would accelerate the trend towards flexible working. In fact, employee retention is dependent on it as employers consider flexible working as the hey condition to maintain their talent.  

Employer attitudes towards flexible and remote working have also shifted in lieu with the changes witnessed due to Covid-19. 77% plan to adopt a blend of remote and on-site working on a long-term basis. Over 76% of employees indicated that the right to request remote working should become mandatory. Workplaces in Ireland are preparing to embrace a major shift in the way they will operate in the future by aligning to employee expectations.

Implementing flexible working solutions can enable organizations to carry out their flexible work strategies smoothly. As a majority of workplaces are looking to adopt a blend of remote and on-site work, they have to equip themselves with the technological tools that can support employee transition, safety and compliance, and also support business operations.  

Partnering with peopleHum  

The peopleHum one-view integrated Human Capital Management suite is the end-to-end solution for small and mid-sized organizations’ workforce management requirements. The peopleHum Package is integrated with recruitment, HRIS, performance management, HR analytics, and LMS - tools that any SME would need to restructure and reskill their employees.  

1. Hire Module

peopleHum's intelligent recruitment system automates the exhaustive candidate cycle from sourcing, scheduling interviews, resume parsing, feedback & scoring, to presenting the offer letter and onboarding the new employees.  

2. Core HR

Core HR consists of a fully automated and user-friendly HRIS, leave and attendance tracking, with biometric and GPS integration. HR workflows consequently becomes more streamlined and efficient.  

3. Perform

With a people-focused performance management platform, move beyond simply monitoring employee progress to building a culture of continuous learning and growth. Convert business plans into organizational, team, and individual goals. Offer self, leadership and 360-degree feedback flexibility, and engage with employees through our integrated 1-on-1s.

4. Analytics

Insights into critical people processes, like recruitment, employee engagement, and performance. Use customisable graphs to get better insights on company trends. With the power of surveys, measure employee pulse and develop an organizational pulse cloud.  

5. Self Service

peopleHum’s user-friendly platform is intuitive and easy to use. Available on web and on iOS & Android apps, employees, managers and HR can have access to management functions in their homes, office, or even on the go.  

By partnering with peopleHum, you not only get a digital partner to cater to your wide client base, but also the opportunity of gaining a geographical and competitive upper-hand over other consultants and resellers. Additionally, you can couple your deep knowledge on HCM platforms by gaining direct access to the peopleHum portal itself. Our partner training program will enable you to increase your expertise on HCM solutions and how to operate them efficiently. Therefore, by partnering with us and gaining an operational expertise, you can enable clients to make a well-informed decision by choosing peopleHum as their workforce management platform.  

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Gaining geographical and competitive advantage through partnerships

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October 25, 2021

A very inspiring list. Thanks for putting this together


October 25, 2021

This is such a great list of women leaders! More power to you all

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