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How peopleHum helped Calibo make HR easy and employee-centric
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How peopleHum helped Calibo make HR easy and employee-centric

Sneha Moorthy
February 25, 2022
Debashis G.
Head HR at Calibo


Computer Software


51 - 200


Industry-first Product Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) to redefine digital innovation and drive competitive advantage through digital business.

Q: Debashis, could you just begin by telling us a little bit about who you are and what you do at the work that you're doing there.

Hi I have over 22 years of experience in managing human resources for companies at different stages of business. At present, I'm heading the human resource function of Calibo, which is of course, a little more expansive than only related to human resources, as we are in the early stages of operations and our product is yet to go to market.

We are close to hundred at present, and we are going to double our head count by June 22, that's the target. And in the process of building the organization and looking into building a very unique culture, we are totally distributed. All our resources or all our employees are based out of different places in India, Nobody comes to office, all work in virtual model.

So,in this situation, collaboration,culture, and,apart from workplace, the mental and emotional health of the employees are also important, and my focus is on that. As we rapidly grow our company, being a product development organization, even adding hundred sources in six months time is a great achievement in the given scenario. And we are working on some cutting as product which is industry first. So it is my priority to get the best of resources from the industry and not compromising on quality at all. So that also makes it very challenging.

Q: How did you get to know about peopleHum ?

When we were spinning off we invited a few HRMS organizations who worked on HRMS and we shortlisted peopleHum based on certain categories. We were also aware that peopleHum is still developing many features, but the requirement from our side was well taken care of by the features already existing with peopleHum.

And I had lot of discussions with the peopleHum representatives to enhance the features, also customize a little more to suit our requirements, and it has been always positive, very enthusiastic responses from the team and they're putting their best efforts and our interaction with the team has been great. So,that's how I came to know about peopleHum.

Q: What are certain features you liked about peopleHum and how has it made your life easier?

As of now I'm happy with the features specifically the UI features of the peopleHum platform which are more futuristic and it's easy to use, not cluttered, and it gives a feel of a social platform. Which is well accepted by the younger generation. And I can see that divide, some of these elder generation have come back to me and told that,

"Oh! We would've seen this, we would've seen that it would have made it much better."

For me I would prefer, a socially looking platform, ease of use, ease of backend operations and capturing data and workflow management as is practiced within the organization. When these are fulfilled, I think it is not the depth and width that matters. Also,I am happy about the,reaction time on the server, the changes take effect immediately, which is good. Little bit of analytics can be added. The other module to work can be the compensation model. I think the work is already on and we look forward to that.

The Hire, Engage, Perform and Manage all modules are good to use. And,I know when we come across certain situations, we can provide some feedback about how to add features on the platform and I'm sure the team will work on it. So these are the few things that I like about the platform - the look and feel, the ease of operations and relevant capture of data.

Q: Do you have any feedback for peopleHum?

Rest of the workflow, which I went through along with your representative seem to be pretty good, customizable and addresses the steps that we have in mind. So it's just that additional feature or enhancement of customization, which you need to do. I don't like to call them pain points, it's just that from the experience you take those learnings and incorporate on the platform.

Q: How has your overall customer experience been with the peopleHum team?

I really appreciate Moksha for her patience and knowledge about the platform and the help that she extends on a regular basis to solve our problems. And overall experience has been great. From the day one that I'm interacting with Ziya from the sales team, followed by Moksha, Rachit and all others whom I have come across have been very very supportive and quick action has been taken. And I think we will have a great working relationship going forward too.

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How peopleHum helped Calibo make HR easy and employee-centric

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October 25, 2021

A very inspiring list. Thanks for putting this together


October 25, 2021

This is such a great list of women leaders! More power to you all

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