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Top 30 Influential Women Leaders in HR Tech
List of Leaders

Top 30 Influential Women Leaders in HR Tech

Sharon Monteiro
February 20, 2024

The female presence in the Tech industry has only been on an incremental rise. However, the HR and HR tech industry realm has consistently had a large female demographic. According to a 2021 study by Zippia, women make up 68% of HR practitioners at the managerial level. With such a looming presence within the field of HR around the world, it would be nothing less than an honour to celebrate the influential and leading women in HR technology. 

We have compiled this list of Women in HR Technology to give them the recognition they are due. However, this list is not an exhaustive one. With women constituting a huge demographic of the HR workforce, we understand that there are scores of impressive HR practitioners improving all areas of HR tech around the world. This collection highlights the diversity of talent within the HR Tech Industry and recognises their influence through a strong social media presence.

With this in mind, we are pleased to recognize these important and diverse women on our list of Top 30 Influential Women Leaders in HR tech

Top 30 Influential Women Leaders in HR Tech

Noelia Aguirre Fernández 

Noelia Aguirre Fernández is the CEO & Founder of Robin Tests. Her passion for human behaviour and talent attraction veered her towards the search for potential crossroads between talent and technology. A successful career in helping companies match with the right talent and her ambition to even up access and equity in the labour market lead to the foundation of Robin Tests, a neuroscience games recruiting platform

Catalina Schveninger 

Catalina Schveninger is the Chief People Officer at DataCamp. She joined the HR industry in 1999, and is a passionate advocate for the attraction and development of women in organizations. She also describes herself as a people and HR tech geek. 

Jessica Miller-Merrell 

Jessica Miller-Merrell is the Chief Innovation Officer and founder of Workology. She has a passion for human resources, and travels around the world speaking about HR, recruiting, and the HR tech industry. 

Gretchen Alarcon 

Gretchen Alarcon is the VP and GM at ServiceNow, and has gathered over 20+ years in the HR industry, starting in HR and eventually becoming a renowned name under Women in HR Technology. Owing to her experience and expertise, Alarcon likes to say that she lives at the intersection of people and technology. 

Sheree Atcheson 

Sheree Atcheson is a multi-award winning, Global Director of Diversity and Inclusion at Valtech. She is listed as n the UK’s Top female influencers in tech. Atcheson is the author of Demand More, an Advisory Board Member of Women Who Code, and a contributor to Forbes. 

Trish McFarlane Steed 

The Founder, Principal Analyst, and Consultant of H3 HR Advisors, Trish McFarlane Steed is one of the most popular HR tech analysts, and the co-host of the hit podcast, the HR Happy Hour. She advises organizations on product strategy in order to bring HR professionals and technology vendors closer together.

Asha Saxena 

Asha Saxena is the Founder and CEO of Women Leaders in Data & AI. She is a Big Data Expert for innovation and growth, with a proven track record of building successful tech businesses for the last 25 years. Women Leaders in Data and AI (WLDA) is an exclusive network of women leaders in data and AI, and is focused on providing a community to share best practices, peer to peer learning and support in professional and personal growth.

Sharon Doherty 

Sharon Doherty is the Chief People and Places Officer at Finastra. She is an author, a mother, and champion for equality and inclusion. She is an avid supporter of technology for good. Apart from this, her mission is to empower people to achieve their goals and, together with them, create a culture that attracts and inspires Finastra's people to disrupt the sector.

Meghan M. Biro 

Meghan M. Biro is the Founder of TalentCulture. She is recognized around the world as being a talent management and HR tech brand specialist. She is also the founder and host of the podcast #WorkTrends.

Janet Clarey 

Janet Clarey is the Director of HR Research & Advisory Services at McLean & company. Her mission is to help clients make sense of a rapidly changing workplace and workforce so they can make changes that matter. She has worked on projects including HR technology implementations, instructional design for online learning, people analytics, culture, solution provider markets, and diversity & inclusion.

Alexandra Cavoulacos 

Alexandra Cavoulacos is the Founder and President of, and author of The New Rules of Work. Through Muse, she aims to connect people with great careers and help companies find great employees.

Carmen Hudson, CSM 

Carmen Hudson is the Principal Consultant at Recruiting Toolbox. She proclaims that talent acquisition is her jam! She has led corporate recruiting teams, built recruiting software, co-founded a tech recruiting conference, trained recruiters and hiring managers, and has been a trusted consultant to hiring teams globally. 

Chris Havrilla 

Chris Havrilla is the HR of Human Capital technology Research & Advisory, HC Ecosystems & Alliances at Deloitte Consulting. With a unique blend of technical, HR practitioner, business and vendor experience, she describes herself as a bit of a talent, HR Tech and Future of Work “whisperer”. 

Ester Martinez 

Ester Martinez is the CEO & Editor-in-Chief of People Matters, a media brand that engages with top business and HR leaders to challenge, transform and enrich the way HR technology contributes to business growth and success. She has also been featured on the LinkedIn Top Voices.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

Jackye Clayton 

Jackye Clayton is the VP of Talent Acquisition d DEI at Textio. She leads all Talent Acquisition and Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging related work. She is also a leading voice to follow for HR tech advice.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

Jennifer Payne 

Jennifer Payne is a Senior Advisor at IA. She is a HR Transformation Advisor and Human Resources Professional with 20+ years of progressive human resource experience in various functional areas, with a focus on researching, developing, and implementing talent management programs.

Jenny Dearborn 

Jenny Dearborn is the Chief People Officer at Klaviyo. She is an entrepreneurial leader, driving talent transformation aligned to strategic disruption and company vision. She is an award-winning thought leader, speaker and author on HCM, corporate culture, global workforce and data analytics. Award-winning thought leader, speaker and author on HCM, corporate culture, global workforce and data analytics.

Ken Ratri Iswari 

Ken Ratri Iswari helps top companies to find the right tech and non-tech talents in terms of skill, attitude, and cultural fit while at the same time helping professionals to have a better and meaningful career.

With an extensive database of over 74K experienced talents, Geekhunter has been helping more than 160 companies from Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, and South Korea to hire the right talent faster.

Robin Schooling 

Robin Schooling is the Managing Partner and Principal of HR + People Strategy at Peridus Group. She is an advocate for making organizations better by making HR better. She works with leaders and HR teams to design forward-looking, inventive and transformational talent strategies that meet the demands of the modern workplace.

Sarah White 

Sarah White is the Chief Executive Officer at Aspect. She has been hailed as one of the top influential women in HR tech by dozens of outlets for more than a decade. At Aspect, she partners with the leading HR and Work technology vendors as well as innovative startups and investment firms to work behind the scenes with their leadership to growth, positioning, market adoption and product strategy.

Jeanne Achille 

Jeanne Achille is the Founder and CEO of The Devon Group. She impressively designed the first PC-based HRMS earlier in her career. Throughout her career, she had helped launch and promote thousands of new tech products, services and companies.

Kate Graham 

Kate Graham is the Head of Content Labs & Insight at Unleash. She has spent more than a decade working in L&D and the HR industry, which gives her a firm grasp on new technologies emerging in the market. She works with practitioners, business leaders, vendors and analysts to uncover trends and create research and content that supports the people and organisations powering HR tech worldwide.

Littal Shemer Haim

Littal Shermer Haim is a People Analytics, Workforce Data Strategy, and Organizational Researcher. She helps organizations to improve business performance by informed decisions about people, and offers leaders guidance in the journey towards a data-driven workforce

Stacy Donovan Zapar 

Stacy Donovan Zapar is the Founder & Principal of The Talent Agency, a boutique recruitment consultancy specializing in talent attraction training, consulting and search for world-class employers. She has been a part of several HR Tech advisory boards and a speaker for HR tech events. 

Maren Hogan 

Maren Hogan is the CEO of Red Branch Media, an agency offering marketing strategy and outsourcing and thought leadership to HR and Recruiting Technology and Services organizations internationally. She calls herself a consistent advocate of next generation marketing techniques with over 15 years of experience in the HR and Recruitment space.

Rachel Book 

Rachel Book is the Chief People Officer at CheckAlt. She has been consistently recognized for strategic and creative thinking to advance talent acquisition, diversity and inclusion, leadership development, employment branding and talent sourcing. 

Naomi Bloom 

Now officially retired, Naomi Bloom is a recovering enterprise HR Tech Addict, among her various other designations. Licensed across the industry from 1995 through 2013, Naomi's IP was considered to be not only the state-of-the-art but also a primary contributor to many of today's best practices in HRM enterprise software. Naomi was a formidable advocate for the HRM and HRM delivery system end-user community, focused entirely on achieving breakthroughs in organizational performance outcomes through effective HRM enabled by great HR technology. 

Maury Hanigan 

Maury Hanigan is the CEO at SparcStart, the award winning video platform that powers employers' Talent Acquisition and Employer Branding video. She is a recruiting strategist, and with SparcStart, changes how employers market their positions and engage candidates. 


Crystal Lay 

Crystal Lay is the CEO and Chief Strategy Officer at GBS Worldwide. She help organizations create, reengineer and revitalize their talent & employer branding strategies to achieve their Talent Attraction & retention goals. She also serves as an advisor and external analyst to numerous corporate and government clients in the areas of HR and talent attraction technology.

Dale Clareburt 

Dale Clareburt is the Co-Founder and CEO  Weirdly Ltd., a smart recruitment screening tool that can improve retention, engagement and hugely reduce screening time. She has extensive experience across the recruitment and HR Tech industries. Clareburt’s passion lies in developing people and teams to achieve more than they ever thought possible whilst challenging traditional business structures and methods. 

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