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peopleHum vs BambooHR - Which HR software is better?
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peopleHum vs BambooHR - Which HR software is better?

Sharon Monteiro
March 27, 2024

If you’re terrible at taking time off when there are a million HR tasks to solve,

When accomplishing HR processes goes beyond the regular nine-to-five,

Leaving no time for strategy and innovation,

When excel sheets can no longer fit your HR management needs,

Then you know that your company has grown,

And outgrown the capabilities of legacy HR systems.

That’s the good news. But the challenge that your face now is finding a Human Capital Management Solution that can scale up and help you manage your company’s growth and requirements.

There are plenty of solutions to choose from. But, in this exercise of choice between peopleHum vs BambooHR, the answer to finding the right one doesn’t just lie in the price point. Not all HCM solutions are the same. Growing businesses require a solution that can adapt to its evolving needs and build a successful company for the future.

When comparing peopleHum vs BambooHR, ask these questions to determine which HCM is best for your company.

Does BambooHR simplify the way you recruit?

Doing more with less, especially with recruitment, has been the conventional way for the HR manager. But recruiting the right talent for your business is a time-intensive process. However,  the setbacks  caused by the pandemic and the learning curves that it brought created a paradigm shift in talent acquisition.

Todays recruitment solutions - powered by AI and machine learning - can speed up hiring and allow recruiters to focus on tasks that require human qualities. The right recruitment solution should streamline time-intensive tasks and provide solutions that support a diversified workforce.

Check if BambooHR simplifies the way you recruit

  • Can recruiters & hiring managers find eligible job applicants without spending a huge chunk of their time in manual screening?
  • Do recruiters have access to real-time data that enables them to test and improve the effectiveness of their recruitment processes?
  • Can recruiters collaborate with the team as they discuss potential candidature?
  • Can managers utilise solutions that accelerate the offer letter and onboarding process?

peopleHum can do it all - simplify time-intensive recruitment

peopleHum breaks down the the most time-intensive part of the recruitment process - candidate screening. Manually screening resumes can take up to 20 hours of a hiring manager’s time which could be spent to more pressing human-intensive tasks. peopleHum’s integrated & automated resume parser accelerates the screening process to find eligible job applicants without spending time on manual screening and data entry.

You can measure the effectiveness of your recruitment processes, such as cost of hire or time to hire, with data-driven insights which can enable you to make smart hiring decisions.

Getting team members involved in the hiring process can enable you to hire better cultural fits and improve employee retention in the long run. With ChatHum - peopleHum’s internal chat feature, keep your hiring team on the same page by discussing candidate evaluation history and sharing feedback & perspectives.

Choose peopleHum vs BambooHR

peopleHum also enables you to cut through the onboarding paperwork with the help of digital offer letters. Send offer letters to the newly hired candidates to get them signed digitally, and speed up the onboarding process without the pain of waiting for administrative paperwork.

Does BambooHR empower employees and managers to be productive and innovative?

Sure, the structural base notes of the role of HR includes the efficient management of human capital. But, it is equally important to build a company culture that also engages employees to be productive, fosters healthy work relationships, encourages retention as well as innovative practices.

The paradigm shift made remote and hybrid work the new normal. As a result, employees had to learn to become autonomous working individuals capable of working with efficiency, while managers needed to connect and engage with their teams to drive collaboration. The right HR platform should empower employees and managers to enable productivity, innovation and engagement.

Check if BambooHR can maximize employee engagement with productivity and innovation tools.

  • Does the UX have a social media look and feel to engage employees?
  • Does it provide a virtual bulletin board to keep employees abreast of company developments?
  • Can managers and employees create a culture of recognition?
  • Are employees provided a platform to voice their concerns and suggestions anonymously?
  • Can teams collaborate, ideate and execute ideas with a tool that breaks down silos and geographical barriers?
  • Does it include tools that empowers employees to embrace their roles and focus on the organizational priorities?

peopleHum can do it all - empower employees and managers to be productive and innovative

Tap into the power of collaboration with peopleHum’s centralized employee experience platform. With a user experience that captures a social media look and feel, employees and managers have smooth, centralized platform that enables increased engagement and productivity.

A virtual bulletin board can prove to be an effective communication tool that can refresh your internal communication, reduce costs and boost productivity. peopleHum’s HR Noticeboard enables you to communicate company announcements, celebrations, messages and alerts effectively and make it readily available to employees.

Choose peopleHum vs BambooHR

Employees stay informed and engaged with peopleHum’s social-media style layout. Apart from sharing company news, you can even acknowledge the achievements of employees and create a culture of recognition that motivates employees and makes them feel good about their contribution.

peopleHum’s Employee Voice feature enables a culture of honest conversation and feedback on a platform that supports the voices of employees. They are free to not only share their concerns, but to also rest assured that their message and identity will remain anonymous.

Break the barriers of employee disconnect and performance drain with the power of a centralized engagement platform. Empower managers and employees to break down silos, and connect, collaborate and innovate ideas that will keep them motivated. Task management enables managers and employees to embrace their roles and provide the means to focus on organizational priorities.

Break barriers and silos with an innovative employee engagement platform.
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Does BambooHR streamline core HRIS processes?

Recruitment, engagement, and performance are all necessary cogs of the business machinery. However, even as dynamic as companies get, it is critical to ensure that even core HR processes remain efficient to minimize administrative frustrations.

A good Human Resource Information System not only automates and centralises personnel information, but also increases efficiency and faster access to important data so that HR is able to focus on bigger impact programs.

Check if BambooHR can streamline core HRIS processes

  • Does it offer the self-service capabilities of role jurisdiction?
  • Does it provide a project management tool to efficiently organize, manage, and lead project teams?
  • Can managers streamline the way they create and manage multiple employee shift patterns?
  • Can employees clock-in and clock-out automatically through accurate attendance management?

peopleHum can do it all - streamline your core HRIS processes

peopleHum’s user-friendly self service interface enables employees to have quick and easy access to HR-related transactions that the HR department would otherwise have to provide. This enables HR personnel to move away from focusing on administrative transactions and spend more time on strategic efforts. Additionally, the enablement of role jurisdiction enables staff members to carry out certain tasks on the portal, depending on the seniority of their roles.

In add-addition to role jurisdiction, peopleHum’s Project Management feature helps you organize team management efficiently, enabling you to guide your team to accomplish all project goals within the designed parameters.

With a dynamic shift scheduling feature, ensure that you not only deliver on quality and look out for your employees, but also streamline and master the way you practice shift management. peopleHum’s Shift Management feature lets you manage multiple shift patterns, track time, and get real-time updates.

peopleHum also tracks time and attendance without making it a chore. With Geo tracking and the capability to easily integrate with biometric systems, employees can perform self-check-ins, and make attendance tracking simple.

Choose peopleHum vs BambooHR

Does BambooHR make performance evaluations people-focused?

Performance management is no longer just about year-end performance reviews. Instead, it has become a dynamic process that continuously identifies, measures, and improves an employee’s performance by aligning it with the organization’s goals, through a focus on continuous coaching and development.

The performance management solutions of today moves towards a people-focused evaluation, building experiences that employees actually love.

Check of BambooHR can make performance evaluations people-focused

  • Does it enable managers to have growth conversations with employees at the right time?
  • Can it help managers measure employee performance against set goals and provide a framework for future improvements?
  • Can managers maintain a pulse on the performance of their direct reports with the aid of performance heat maps?
  • Does it have a strong framework that enables your team to stay agile, aligned and collaborative?

peopleHum can do it all - building a performance management system that employees love

An integral component of a successful ongoing feedback model, peopleHum’s 1-on-1 meeting feature ensures open communication between managers and their direct reports during the performance evaluation process. Have the uninterrupted time to discuss projects, review performance, remove blockers, and more.

peopleHum’s performance appraisal software tracks the daily goals of employees, sets objectives, and enables managers to measure employee performance against these objectives.

With our unique OKR solution, you can track objective completion with automated pogress indicators and see how individual objectives roll up to the organizational or team goal. Uncover the crucial relationship between performance and engagement.

Choose peopleHum vs BambooHR

peopleHum’s intelligent people analytics solution lets managers keep an eye on employee performance trends through heat maps. With these, you can identify evaluate talent, identify your high and low performers, and determine performance trends.

Why choose peopleHum over BambooHR?

When comparing peopleHum vs BambooHR, it is clear that peopleHum delivers on the solutions that dynamic and fast-growing companies seek. peopleHum’s human resource management tools are built not only uplift the role of the HR manager, but to also facilitate great employee experiences.

  • peopleHum puts people first with tools that enable employees to connect and communicate beyond organizational silos.
  • Its distinctive UI has a non-technical, fun, social media feel that makes the user experience easy, interactive, and intuitive to use than other HCM solutions.
  • peopleHum’s no-code platform makes implementation easy and its usage super intuitive, so you don’t have to worry about finding the right tools for your HR management needs.

peopleHum understands that some of the most time-intensive company processes can be related to HR and administrative tasks.

  • peopleHum’s automated and intuitive UI east the burden of administrative labour for everyone across the organization.
  • With intelligent tools such as an AI powered HR chatbot with DocuSense capabilities, peopleHum facilitates employee self-service and eases the burden on HR admins.
  • Making peopleHum a platform not just for HR managers, but for employees, managers, and the whole company!

Was the reading sufficient enough to get you interested? Then book a free demo to see experience the difference yourself.

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peopleHum vs BambooHR - Which HR software is better?

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