Emotional salary

What is Emotional Salary?

Emotional salary is the kind that touches on the emotional gains rather than the monetary benefits of a job. Emotional salary is the non-financial gains employees obtain from working that motivates them and leads to personal and professional development. To work correctly in a business's emotional wage strategy, the firm must first understand the amount of satisfaction and comfort that employees have in the organization, since these characteristics will increase with the emotional salary. It is impossible to develop a proper emotional wage strategy without the workers' input.

What are the basic elements of Emotional Salary?

Following are the 10 elements of Emotional Salary:

1. Autonomy: Being able to manage your own projects or time

2. Belonging: Feeling valued and appreciated

3. Creativity: This is the power to leave your mark on everything you do, regardless of your profession. It’s what differentiates your work from the rest.

4. Direction: An employee’s medium and long-term career aspirations

5. Enjoyment: The ability to laugh and enjoy the moment

6. Mastery: Recognizing a job well done and enjoying it. It’s the satisfaction of having done something well and continually improving yourself.

7. Inspiration: These are the inspiring moments that open up a world of possibilities.

8. Personal growth: The ability to learn from your own mistakes and to grow as a human being

9. Professional growth: The opportunity to use your talents, strengths, and skills to become a better professional

10. Feeling of purpose: Believing that your work not only serves an immediate purpose, but also a greater purpose than yourself.

What are the main factors of Emotional Salary?

The three main factors of emotional strategy are as follows:

  • Psychological well-being: When Employees sense that their firm cares about their personal lives and interests, they often feel more inspired and notice that their effort is being recognized, which leads to lower stress levels in an individual.
  • Reconciliation: Providing flexible work hours or benefits such as child care assists parents in balancing work and family life.
  • Self-development and improvement: Employees can benefit greatly from talent development classes, coaching, mentorship, and acquiring a new skill or language. Employers should support both professional and personal growth.

What are some examples of Emotional Salary

Flexible Hours 

Giving employees the opportunity to work 8 hours a day, but without a strict timetable. Employees don’t necessarily need to be at the office. The important thing is that employees do their job correctly. Allowing your employees to work from home from time to time is no cost to the employer, but offers a huge benefit to the employee.

Educational Training

Offering training to employees is a great way to motivate them to continue learning and improving.  In addition, any extra training that employees undergo ultimately benefits the company in the end.

Child care

The best way to help employees manage child care is by providing them with a little extra assistance to alleviate the stress of them having to manage on their own.

Leisure Spaces

Office conditions are important things to think about too as they directly affect the work environment. If the company has space, it can consider setting up a leisure room for the staff. Here, they can come to relax and disconnect. Maintaining a good work environment is vital to the happiness of employees.

Volunteer Jobs

Some companies offer employees extra time off when they contribute hours to volunteer for a cause. This not only helps the collective but it also provides satisfaction to the employees themselves.

Flexible Retribution

Also called custom compensation, allows employees to choose from the services offered by the company, based on their needs.

Social Benefits

Health care, restaurant vouchers or transportation cheques paid by the company are the best way to recognize an employee’s performance and retain talent. Workers feel appreciated when they can see that their employer is focused on employee happiness.

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