Job Shadowing

What is job shadowing?

The meaning of job shadowing refers to the on-the-job learning process in which a new employee observes and follows a skilled professional or colleague. Job shadowing training is also carried out when a student is trained for a particular position.  

It can help the organization find out if the employee is a good fit for the job at hand. Also, as interns or trainees, it is one's responsibility to question the ins and outs of the job so that concepts can be easily understood and applied at their workplace. It also gives an idea of the soft and hard skills that need to be developed.

What are the advantages of job shadowing?

Now that you know what job shadowing is, let's find out what are the advantages of Job shadowing. 

Job shadowing benefits: (For current or new employees)

Job shadowing is a much richer process than reading a job description or conducting a theoretical session on the job role. Job shadowing allows the new employee to receive practical knowledge transfer, hands-on experience and thorough understanding of the significant job role or position.  

Job shadowing benefits: (For students)

With respect to students, the process of job shadowing helps them make a decision whether a career field is suited for their skills. It can be a great way to know if they want to pursue a specific career before applying for employment or internships.  

Additionally, job shadowing helps students develop contacts in their career. Students get the opportunity to obtain a useful resource when they start looking for jobs and apply for jobs when someone with expertise is shaded.

Job shadowing

What are the examples of job shadowing?

Following are the examples of job shadowing:

What are Job shadowing questions?

Some of the job shadowing questions that you may want to ask the expert or professional during the job shadowing training are:

  • What kind of qualifications does one need for this job?  
  • What interests you the most in the job?  
  • What are greatest challenges present in this job?  
  • What's the career journey?
  • What are the opportunities for advancement for this job?  
  • What are some of the key things in this role I need to know?  
  • When you started this job, what helped you the most?  
  • Can you describe your typical working day?  

What is the Process of Job Shadowing?

Job shadowing can be done as part of a formal program organized by a high school or university. An individual that's new to the corporate world, can usually find programs through their universities guidance counsellors or placement cells.

Another way to find these opportunities is through a counseling agency or even organizations that conduct training programs to students. Also, adults who plan to switch careers can undergo job shadowing so they get an idea of what they want to do. 

Tips for an excellent job shadowing experience.

  1. Research- One must do thorough research on the companies services, clients, management, goals and recognitions in order to have a smooth experience. Also, one must research on the particular job description to make sure they have a little bit of idea on what must be done. One plus point could also be to visit the social media sites of the company. 

  1. Take notes- When doing something for the first time, it is best to take dow notes. Thus, when a student or intern is job shadowing they must write down key points and must further research on it. Taking notes can help you remember what the person shadowing you has taught.

  1. Be ethical- One must follow all rules and regulations a organization has. They must be polite and maintain eye contact while talking to their supervisors. Also, one must remember to dress appropriately and make a good impression.

  1. Ask questions- It is critical to ask questions in order to have a lot better experience. While undergoing training, one should make a note of things that they do not understand. In most cases, it is usually best to plan a one-on-one meeting to clear up any confusion.

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